Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 71

Chapter 71: I will do the same to you (3)

Two hours ago Wuxiaworld for visiting.

There was a big open space at the back of the larger training room building on the northeastern side of the academy. And in that space, about twenty cadets had gathered to practice Seven Demon Sword. They were not powerful like the other cadets, but they helped each other complete their sword skills. They were cadets from the former 12th group. They used to practice formations under Bakgi's guidance before the second test, but after the test, Bakgi left them.

That's why they were now here without Bakgi and Chun Jongsum.

"Penghak, is it really okay for you to go alone?" the 670th cadet, Gallen asked as he was worried. Penghak was the one who attacked Bakgi from behind while fighting against Ha Ilming last night. Wu Penghak was the leader of the group now.

"I was told to go alone. We have no choice."

Wu Penghak was also worried, but he couldn't ignore Chun Yuchan's warning. He had made a deal, so he had to go to receive the payment for keeping the promise.