Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 72

Chapter 72: I will do the same to you (4)

He tried to use only half of his power, but it was still monster-like. At least it was weaker than when he destroyed Jongsum's chin and teeth. The 12th group cadets became pale after seeing Penghak getting thrown away with one punch. Penghak had gained top-class internal energy after consuming the Black Dragon Ball, but he couldn't even endure one fist.


Gallen shouted at Penghak who was thrown back. He sat there unconsciously with bubbles foaming at his mouth.

'W-we cannot fight him!' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Most of the cadets were either similar or weaker than Penghak. They had Ha Ilming, who was almost equal to Bakgi when they fought yesterday, but no one else could deal with Yeowun.

"You want to keep going?"

Yeowun threatened the 12th cadets. All of them then shook their heads in fear. They couldn't even bear to think about fighting Yeowun, Bakgi, and Ko Wanghur altogether.

"We surrender."