Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 74

Chapter 74: I will do the same to you (6)


Ha Ilming was pushed away, and it was Bakgi who kicked him. Ha Ilming got up and winced at the pain.

'Dammit it's broken again!'

It hadn't been long since he had recovered from the broken right rib he got from Yeowun, and now it was left rib. Bakgi provoked him.

"You fight with me."

"How dare you ambush me!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Ambush? I'm just doing the same thing you did."

Ha Ilming was furious but he couldn't find words to object, as he too had gotten the upper hand last night due to Wu Penghak's attack to get Bakgi. Everything he did was coming back to him.

'It's too late to run anyway.'

He had no choice but to fight. Ha Ilming then shouted at his group members.



His members then charged with their wooden swords.


However, Ha Ilming became dumbfounded because they only attacked the 12th group cadets who were behind them.

"What are you doing!"