Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Pay it forward for more (5)

The blade qi disappeared from the center where it was cut. The cadets who saw this were dumbfounded.

"H-he threw the blade qi!"

"He cut the qi!"

Throwing qi from a certain range required one to be at least a top master. To cut such qi, that also required an equal amount of strength. This exchange was way beyond the level of the ordinary cadets.

"Chun Yuchan."

Yeowun glared at Chun Yuchan who was standing with the white light blade qi in his hand. Yuchan responded, "Oh, well. I wanted to pay you back with an ambush too. That didn't work out so well."

Chun Yuchan flexed his neck. He spoke as if it was nothing, but the powerful shock stunned him for quite a while up until now. The area still felt numb.

"You finally got back? That was slow."

Yeowun provoked him and Yuchan frowned.

"So you waited for me?"

"The first attack was just payback for playing tricks. I don't want to hear people saying I won because I ambushed you." Wuxiaworld for visiting.