Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Pay it forward for more (7)

Cadets from Chun Yuchan's team were positive of their leader's victory. Unlike his usual lazy and casual attitude, Yuchan was the hard-working type. With his exceptional talent and hard work, his growth in strength far exceeded that of his peers. Every one of his teammates knew this and thus trusted him.

'He dares to fight against our Prince with the Seven Demon Sword?'

'No way, Prince Chun will lose.'

'Fool. You can't win.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

And the result of the fight was unexpected to say the least. As Chun Yeowun's sword qi shot past Yuchan, something dropped onto the ground. It was Yuchan's right arm.


Yuchan screamed and fell down to his knees. He endured the severe pain that made him feel like he would pass out to keep the last of his last pride, but he was in a very bad state.

"I won," Yeowun stated as he looked down at Yuchan.

'N-no way!'

'How did he lose?'