Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Get in line (1)

"My arm!"

"M-my bone is poking out from my leg!"

The medical room was busier than normal. It was still a few days away from the third test, but there were many patients, and one man was very happy about this.

'Thanks, Yeowun!'

It was quite boring after Yeowun was sent to the prison cave, but he was now sending more patients right after his release. There were so many patients that the doctor had to choose which one to look after first. Doctor Baek Jongmeng felt like he was in paradise.

"I'll go with you first." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

It was Chun Yuchan. He needed immediate attention as his wound had only been tied up to stop the blood. As Jongmeng tended to the wound while grinning, and Instructor Simong frowned.

'I thought he was weird, but how can he grin at the wounded students?'