Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Get in line (2)


'Who is that?'

The cadets all became silent when Hu Bong started shouting. He turned red when everyone placed their attention on him but Hu Bong still continued speaking.

"If you want to speak to my master, get in line in the order you arrived!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

The cadets then began to form a line in embarrassment. Hu Bong was quite talented in taking control over awkward situations. Ko Wanghur and Ja Wumin smiled. Hu Bong did this before too without him realizing that he could handle this sort of stuff well.

"All these people you think it's to join the team?" Wumin asked.

Ko Wanghur nodded. These fifty cadets were unlike the number they had ever seen until now. It seemed most of the leaderless cadets had come.

'Rumors spread fast.'

Wanghur's guess was accurate. With the lessened cadet members, everyone knew what the others were doing and so these kinds of rumors spread fast. Everyone knew that Chun Yuchan had lost.

'He even broke the arms and legs of the 5th cadet's members!'