Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Learn the Seven Demon Sword (3)

Late at night, Chun Yeowun finally got the time to train in a private training room for a long time before he came out satisfied. He learned that having a good place to train instead of a dark and humid cave was quite important. When he came out, Hu Bong and the other cadets were waiting for him.


Not all of them were waiting since it was too hard to walk around with a group of fifty-three people. Yeowun had ordered them to group up with their group leaders, so there was a total of nine members with two missing. One was Ohjong who was still receiving medical treatment, and the other was Mun Ku who was at the dorm.

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It was the last night for getting a yellow tag, but they weren't attacked on their way back. This was due to the fact that the cadets had realized that they couldn't mess with Chun Yeowun who had defeated Chun Yuchan. While Yeowun was not targeted, a total of two leaders were stripped of their yellow tags that night.