Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Learn the Seven Demon Sword (4)

The next morning, Yeowun reported about the yellow tag to the main building of the Demonic Academy and was declared as the leader for the third test. There were only eleven leaders up until yesterday morning, but with Yeowun's five groups under him, the total number of groups increased. Chun Kungwun of the Sword Clan also made another group under him, so there was now a total of sixteen groups. 700th cadet Sama Chak had two tags, but he didn't make another group.

So, a total of fifteen cadets were not in a group, and they were destined to fail when the test came around. They had to find groups within the remaining twenty-one days. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

After registering to become the leader, Yeowun and his members got breakfast and went up to the small hill behind the dorms. It was time to train the Seven Demon Sword.

"Since I have my own group, I want to teach my members by myself."