Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 88

Chapter 88: The Six Sword (1)

Mun Ku, who was sitting down on a small rock, also became confused. It was understandable if it was just to look at the overall balance, but fixing every small detail was unlikely to happen from looking at everyone at once.

'Should I watch too?'

She too had learned the Seven Demon Sword and read through the books tens of times that she now remembered it. Maybe she could also give a few pieces of advice.

"W-Why don't we give it a try anyway?"

Hu Bong offered to try it with the other hesitant cadets. In Hu Bong's experience, whatever Yeowun said never ended weirdly.

"Ready your sword!"

Yeowun shouted and all seventeen cadets prepared to perform the Seven Demon Sword.

'Oh well. I guess he'll change it to private lessons if it doesn't work out.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Most of the cadets thought of the same thing. Yeowun ordered to Nano.

'Nano, activate Augmented Reality.'

Yeowun's eyes then shook and he saw lines drawing various pieces of information about the seventeen cadets.