Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Six Sword (2)

Within that ten-day training period for the Seven Demon Sword, Bakgi, Hou Sangwha, and Ja Wumin's groups also filled up. Bakgi only needed a few more members, so he was able to fill it up quickly, but Sangwha and Wumin took three days to recruit more cadets. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'Total of nineteen.'

The new cadets fell into two main categories. There were those who came to admire Yeowun for his feat of defeating Hou Jinchang and Chun Yuchan, and the other group consisted of those who were not happy with the current six clan system in the cult, thus wanting a new wave of change from Yeowun.

Although these new groups had two different ideas, they were recruited carefully. These groups became more connected with each other because of Yeowun.

'Wow! That group only has girls!'

'When did that kind of group form?'

'I want to join that group.'