Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 90

Chapter 90: The Six Sword (3)

'Six?' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

The cadets wondered if this maybe meant that Yeowun was going to appoint only six high-rank members.

"I will appoint the top six warriors. They will not have ranks over each other and they will be titled the Six Swords."

"Master, what is the reason for having the Six Swords?" Wu Sojung raised his hand and asked. The other cadets also had the same question.

"If we graduate from the academy, we will be fighting against six clans. I need the Six Swords who will complete that job on the frontlines of battle."

Everyone nodded. All of the people here knew that Yeowun was trying to fight the six clans and create a new Demonic Cult.

'But wouldn't we just be repeating the same thing then?'

Ko Wanghur and a few others frowned. It was still far into the future, but if they managed to defeat the six clans and the Six Swords replaced them, then they could end up in a power struggle again. However, Yeowun continued speaking and soon removed that fear.