Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 91

Chapter 91: The dangerous third test (1)

The time given for cadets to train for the third test quickly passed by, and many things happened during that time period. It started with Chun Jongsum, the prince of the Poison Clan who left the academy with an injury, and it ended with Chun Yuchan, one of two likely heirs to the throne, who lost the fight for a yellow tag and had his arm cut off. There were other minor incidents, but all the important incidents were related to Chun Yeowun.

In the early morning, just before the beginning of the third test, there was a guest in the Chief's office. The guest was a man wearing a mask with weird symbols on it. It was the Great Guardian, Marakim the Dark King. There were documents in the hands of the Left Guardian and Chief of the Academy, Lee Hameng. But he didn't look pleased while glancing through the documents. After going through every page, he put them down on the desk and asked, "Is this really approved?"

"Yes. It was decided from the top, and the Lord approved it yesterday." Wuxiaworld for visiting.