Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 93

Chapter 93: The dangerous third test (3)

During the first round of the test, Left Guardian Lee Hameng's eyes did not leave the man from the Force of Justice. As written in the request document to change the test, the man had been in prison for three years. Therefore, he couldn't use the best of his skills. If the cadets didn't make a mistake, it would be easy enough for the cadets to defeat him.

'There was no chance until now. Then they must be after'

Hameng then turned to Chun Yeowun. Two princes had already been taken out of the academy already. One of them had her arm cut off and one had his internal energy destroyed, thus losing the chance to become the Lord forever.

'It will take forever for them to wait four years.'

It was apparent that those clans were dying to kill Chun Yeowun. However, they couldn't go against the rule of the academy with the Lord watching over them, so they changed the test to do something else.

'Whatever it is, it will be your undoing.'

The next group came up to start their test. Wuxiaworld for visiting.