Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 94

Chapter 94: The dangerous third test (4)

"Perfect! That was a perfect Sword Demon formation."

Lee Hameng complimented Muyeon's group as they defeated the enemy after two formations. No one had made a mistake and they were all unscathed.

'It's our turn soon.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

The group tested just now was the cadet who registered to be a leader right before Yeowun. If it went in order, Yeowun's group was next. As expected, Lee Hameng called Yeowun's group.

"7th cadet Chun Yeowun's group, come up."


While Yeowun's members went up with anxious expressions, all the criminals whose faces were covered with masks all flinched.

'Ugh, I hope it's not too bad!'

Jin Guuk looked at the criminal who was pulled forward. None had died yet, but over thirty cadets had been injured. He was bound to be worried.

"Please justice, justice, justice"