Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Just happened on its own (1)

The incident quickly began to calm down. Things could have gone out of control, but no one was injured in the process. Machil was also safe although he was thrown with his neck as Hou Jinchang had grabbed him and did not fight back the energy that pushed him back.

'They are now coming after me in public.'

It was the first time that the six clans had come after him even if it was going against the rules of the cult, and it wasn't done quietly either. They attacked in front of everyone, especially in front of Left Guardian Lee Hameng who was the trusted advisor to the Lord. Even if the attackers succeeded in killing themselves, this situation was bad enough that the Lord would have every reason to oppress the six clans even further.

'Was this done on purpose?' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Yeowun didn't feel good as he thought about it. If Submeng and the Guardian Army were on standby, then it was likely that they expected this from happening.

'He used me. So, am I just a pawn to his game?'