Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Just happened on its own (2)

"We are now giving you the weapons you left with us when you joined the academy."

Many cadets entered the academy with the weapons of their specialty. Until now, they had to receive training on basic sword formations and tactics that required no special weapons. So, they were forbidden from using those weapons. However, it was now time to train these warriors to be the best in the cult, so they were allowed to use their own weapons now. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Whoa! My sword!"


The cadets were excited to receive their old weapons back.

"My baby! I missed you so much!"


As Hou Sangwha got her weapon back and caressed it like a baby or puppy, all the cadets were shocked. She had a giant axe that was as tall as a grown man, and no ordinary cadet could possibly wield that.


Now everyone could understand why Hou Sangwha had large, developed muscles. Ja Wumin was also happy to get his red-feathered spear.