Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Just happened on its own (3)

Sang Munyo woke up three days later in the medical room. His bone was sticking out of his skin, so he was in quite a serious sate. When he woke up, he was even angrier and furious that he had lost to a mere cadet.

'This is so embarrassing!' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

He had lost in front of many instructors and cadets. Sang Munyo was a very ambitious man who cared about his honor and pride, so this was humiliating. And such humiliation turned it into a fit of anger.

'If I could only use my skill'

He was restricted to only using the Seven Demon Sword that he wasn't good at fighting with. If he was only allowed to use his own skill, then he was certain that he could defeat Yeowun within ten formations. Even if Yeowun was powerful, he had merely just become a master warrior.