Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Just happened on its own (4)

'H-he's not entry master level!'

Sang Munyo became shocked and tried to back away. If Yeowun's strength was equal to his, then Munyo needed to fight carefully. That's when Yeowun charged in like lightning, unleashing the sixth formation of the Butterfly Blade Dance against Munyo.


Munyo swung his blade defensively, but the blade came at him like a butterfly leaving traces, making his eyes dizzy. It was much faster than his own blade.

Munyo's blade was thrown away, ripping Munyo's palm. As Yeowun did not stop on his blade formation, Munyo quickly shouted, "I-I lost! You passed the test. Stop now!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

It was not a matter of pride anymore. It seemed like Yeowun's blade was coming at him as if it would kill for real. Yeowun's blade stopped in front of Munyo's nose.

"Hah hah"

Munyo's face was drenched in sweat. Yeowun asked suspiciously, "Did I pass the fourth test?"

Holding up his both hands, he stuttered, "Y-yes. You won, so let's stop it here."