Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 11

Volume 1 Chapter 11

We followed our sensei to training ground 8.

"Let first introduce ourselves. I will go first. My name is Asuma Sarutobi. I like Dango and I hate people that betray their own comrades. My hobby is reading and my dream for the future is to start a family.

"Now you go blondie."

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like my friends and training. I hate people that are annoying. My hobbies are training, reading and playing Shogi. My dream for the future is to become the greatest shinobi to have ever existed."

"Nara, it's your turn."

"My name is Shikamaru Nara. I like my friends and cloud watching. I hate it when people disturb my naps. My hobby is playing Shogi and my dream is to live a normal life with a normal family."

"Now It's your turn Hyga."

"My name is Hinata Hyga. I like my friends and training with Naruto-Kun."

I started training her and Shikamaru 3 years ago. I didn't want them to hold me back.

"I hate the caged bird seal in our family. My hobby is gardening and my dream for the future is to unite my clan together."

(AN: I don't know if most of these are true I just thought most up myself.)

"Good, now that the introductions are done I will tell you about tomorrow. Tomorrow I will decide if you guys have what it takes to become a genin. The graduation test was merely to weed out the hopeless candidates. Only 33% of this year's graduates can become a genin. And if you fail the test, you will be sent back to the academy. So I will meet you here at 9 am tomorrow."

He Body Flickered away.

"What a drag. Why do they make everything so complicated?"

'It doesn't matter what test he throws at us, I know that we can do it. As long as we work together. Let's go home and prepare ourselves for tomorrow. Be sure to get enough rest and eat breakfast."

"Yes, you are right Naruto-Kun. I will see you two tomorrow bye."


I Body Flickered away leaving Shikamaru there alone.

"What a drag."

[Next day]

I arrived 10 minutes earlier, and I found Hinata and Shikamaru already waiting.

"Yo guys."


"Hello Naruto-Kun."

"Good, you guys are on time."

Looking behind me, I saw Asuma.

"You must wonder what the test is. Well, you 3 will be fighting me today. If I find you capable enough, you will pass. You need to come at me with the intent to kill if you want to do some damage. Let's not wait any longer and start the test. Go!"

We all jumped back to hide. I sent a clone to my teammates to explain my plan that I just thought of.

'Hm', they have found good hiding places. But where is Naruto? I can't locate him at all!'

Suddenly a kunai came at the back of his head, but he easily dodged it. Then the kunai suddenly came flying back.

'Huh, chakra string.'

He used one of his Trench Knives to deflect the kunai and cut the chakra string. After that 6 Narutos came dashing out. All of them started engaging in close combat.

Asuma beat 5 clones before he got kicked in the back. When he wanted to stand up, he found himself not able to move.

Before he could try to break out of it, Hinata appeared before him.

She closed 64 of his tenketsu, stopping his chakra flow. This limited his ability to use jutsu.

8 of my clones came from each of his sides. Hinata quickly got out of the way.



After the explosion died down, there was an enormous crater with 5 meters in diameter.

"You guys surprised me."

Looking up, we saw Asuma-sensei almost completely uninjured. I guess a Jonin veteran like him will take more to get rid of.

"To think your teamwork would already be so good. I was almost a goner. And Naruto, what was that Jutsu you used."

"Oh, that is just a Shadow Clone with too much chakra. I created it myself."

"Haha, I'm so lucky to have such an excellent team. Just wait till the rest hears of this. Well anyway, we will start taking missions tomorrow, so we'll meet each other at the Hokage Tower at 9am."

'I will just send a clone. I'm not going to do D-Rank missions. I do however need to have a clone check all the C-Rank missions that come in. Because I want to take the wave mission. It will be a chance for me to gain 1 of the 7 blades. But the most important part is, money. Gato is one of the richest people. Having that much money will help me in my future endeavors.'

[1 week later]

I heard from my clone that Tazuna has requested for the C-Rank mission. So this time I went with my team to pick up a new mission.

"So Asuma, you want another D-Rank mission."

"Yes, Hokage-sama."

"Wait Asuma-Sensei. Don't you think we are ready for a C-Rank mission? Our teamwork is almost perfect, so there is no need for more D-Rank missions."

"What do the rest of you think."

"Yes, I agree with Naruto-Kun."

"What a drag."

"Hm, Hokage-Sama I think my team is ready for a C-Rank mission."

"Good, I have just the one. An escort mission to the Land of Waves."

He handed Asuma the mission scroll.

"Bring the client in."

When the door opened, a guy that reeked of sake came inside. He looked at us.

"What? Are these brats supposed to protect me? I thought I asked for veteran Shinobi's, not some kids."

I just glared at him, and he immediately shut up.

"You won't have to worry, my team is more than capable of safely escorting you home. And if something happens, I will handle it.


"You guys go home and pack supplies for 1 week. Be sure not to forget anything. Let's meet at the east gate in 1 hour."

We all left to prepare.

[1 hour later]

"Good, everyone is here. Let's not waste time and start our journey."