Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 17

Volume 1 Chapter 17

[Sasuke POV]

'Who is she? All my senses are screaming at me to run away.'

"Who are you? I doubt that you're still a genin."

"It doesn't matter who I am. All that matters is that you'll come with me."

"Why should I come with you? Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

"It doesn't matter if you're willing or not, you'll come to me, eventually."

'He disappeared!'


I got hit and send flying by his punch.


"Damn! Akamaru let's go!"

Akamaru transformed into Kiba.

"Don't interfere."


Suddenly a giant snake appeared. He sent Kiba and Akamaru flying with one swing of his tail. They hit the tree really hard, immediately knocking them out.


Sakura ran towards Kiba to check if he is ok.

"Are you sure you want to stay so stubborn?"

'There is no way out. The only thing I can do is fight.'

I took out a kunai and 5 shuriken. I ran up a tree and jumped above the weird woman. I threw my shuriken towards her. She deflected all of them. I landed on the snake and ran towards her. I used my kunai to fight her close quarters, but it was useless. I couldn't hit her even once.

"You're too weak!"

She started fighting back and I could barely block a couple of her attacks.

"I expected more from you. Compared to your brother, your nothing."

She kicked my face, sending me crashing in a tree.

'Why am I so weak? It's the same as when I fought that weird eyebrow guy. I wasn't able to do anything. If only Naruto was here, he would be able to find a way to win. NO! I can't think like that. I need to show Naruto that I'm strong. I won't die here today. I still have to avenge my clan.'

Suddenly my vision got a lot better. I could see the leaves slowly falling and I can perceive little things that I normally never would.

"So you have awakened your Sharingan, and it directly went to two tomoes. It only makes me want you more."

'She is crazy! I can never let her catch me.'

She disappeared again, but this time I was able to see which way she would attack. I put my arms above my head, blocking her kick. I pushed her into the air and started doing hand seals.

My jutsu hit her on her face. The smoked cleared and I could see that half her face was burned off.

"Haha, that was close. I almost died."

'What is she laughing about?'

Suddenly her mouth opened up wide, and a head came out. The head stretched out and bit me on my shoulder.

"Argh, what did you do!"

"It's a present from me. If you want more, come and find me."

He and his snake disappeared.

'What did he mean with present?'


Sakura and Kiba came running towards me.

[Naruto POV]

I got the memories back from my clone.

'Everything is going as planned, but that Pedomaru is really disgusting.'

[3 days later]

'It's finally time to start the next stage.'

We were gathered in a battleground. We got told that we had to have preliminaries since there were too many people.

(AN: All the matches will be random. I just put them in a randomizer.)

"First match, Temari vs Rock Lee."

'So the matches are different. At Least it won't be as boring anymore. But I won't be able to see Lee and Gaara fight.'

"Everyone else get out of the stage. Are you two ready?"

They nodded.


Temari jumped away and grabbed her fan from her back.

Several blades of winds came flying at Lee, but he easily dodged them. He ran up to her.

He used a backward high kick with his left foot, the motion of which then helped him deliver a low kick with his right. Temari got send flying into a wall.

"What! Temari has been sent flying so easily. I almost couldn't even see him move."

"She is weak!"

"It's not that she is weak. You're just too strong Gaara."

Temari started moving and stood up.

"Don't think you will be able to beat me so easily."

She started running towards Lee.

He jumped up, easily avoiding it.

"Don't think I'm done!"

She used her fan to make a net made out of wind. She sends it flying towards the airborne Lee.

'Oh no, it will hit me!'

He crossed his arms in front of him. The net sends him flying back towards a wall, but he was able to stabilize himself. He landed on the ground safely with only a couple of cuts.

"I let my guard down and that wasn't a good idea. So now I will come at you seriously."

"You sound so confident. Do you really think you will be able to beat me if you got serious? Your first attack was just a lucky shot, it won't happen again."

He disappeared again, and this time he appeared in front of her.

He started kicking her upwards and then he finished it with a heel kick to the head. She crashed into the floor, making a cloud of dust rise up. After the cloud disappeared, I was able to see Temari lying there unconscious.


Kankuro came running down.

The referee went to check her pulse.

"Rock Lee wins by K.O."

"Ey Temari wake up."

She started to slowly open her eyes.

"What happened? Did I lose?"

"Yes, but that doesn't matter know. Let's go to sensei so he can heal you."

they went to their sensei, and Lee went to his.

"You did a great job, Lee. You showed everyone the power YOUTH!"

"Thank you, Guy-sensei! Hey Naruto, what did you think about my match?"

Guy-sensei introduced Lee to me so that I can help him with his taijutsu. Since I met Guy way before Lee did I was way better in taijutsu than Lee. But I haven't met his teammates, that is why Neji didn't know me.

"It was so-so. You could have easily beaten her, but you let your guard down and went easy on her. Don't worry though, I will make sure to beat you up in our next spar so that you will learn not to let your guard down."

"Wait, no. Please forgive me, I will never let my guard down again. I promise."

"Fine, this is your last chance."

"Thank you so much."

"Hey Lee, do you know him?"

"Yeah, this is Naruto. He helps me with my taijutsu training."

"So you're Naruto."

I just ignored him and went to talk to Hinata and Shikamaru.

'This bastard dares to ignore me!'

"Next match, Kankuro vs Yoroi Akado!"