Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1 Chapter 19

"The match is over! Shikamaru Nara is the winner."

Shikamaru stopped his jutsu.

"Your fate was really kind to you today. You better go and pray for him every day."

"You bastard!"

"The match is over. Get out of the battlefield."

They got out of the field.

"Congratulations Shikamaru-kun."

"Yeah, you did pretty great. Poor guy, you completely crushed him. But you were trained by me so it's only natural that you'd be able to beat him."

"What a drag."

"Next match, Gaara vs Sasuke Uchiha."

'Poor Sasuke.'

They are standing opposite each other. Gaara was relaxed, but Sasuke looked worried.


They nodded.


Sasuke immediately jumped back.

'He feels dangerous.'

His eyes turned red with 2 tomoes in each one. He started with taijutsu, but when he was about to touch him a shield of sand appeared. He appeared behind him, but before he could touch him another sand shield appeared.

'Damn, he didn't even look at me and the shield appeared.'

Gaara started taking out sand from his gourd. Seeing this Sasuke started to do hand seals.

A huge fireball came flying at Gaara, but it was easily stopped by his sand. His sand started to chase after Sasuke. While running, the curse seal started to act up making it even harder for him to do anything. But after 1 minute of running, he got captured. Sand started to cover his entire body.

'He is really about to kill Sasuke.'

He crushed Sasuke. Or that is what everyone thought. A couple of meters away from the sand coffin appeared Kakashi with Sasuke under his arm.

'That guy really has something for Uchiha's. But he is his student I guess.'

"Kakashi sensei?"

He let Sasuke down.

"You did your best but you're not his match."

Sasuke looked upset, then he looked towards me. I just gave him a thumbs up and smiled. He gave a little smile back.

'I'm still not strong enough. I got beaten so easily and everyone witnessed it. Maybe that power that I got in the forest will help me become stronger. Should I really search for her?'

"The winner of this match is Gaara."

They left the field. Kakashi took Sasuke with him somewhere.

"Next match, Misumi Tsurugi vs Ino Yamanaka."

You could see that Ino was scared. But who would blame her, after what happened to Sakura. She knows that she isn't any better physically than Sakura.

'Can I really do this?'

She looked at his eyes and flinched.


Misumi nodded.

"No. I give up."

"It's good not to overestimate yourself. Ino Yamanaka has given up. Misumi Tsurugi is the winner."

"You're boring."

They left the field. Ino's team tried to cheer her up. Choji gave her his ch.i.p.s and Shino gave her some motivational words that don't really sound that motivating coming out from his mouth.

"Next match, Hinata Hyuga vs Choji Akimichi."

"Don't hurt him too much Hinata."

"Don't worry Naruto-kun."

The stood opposite to each other. Choji looked scared.

'If she's anything like Shikamaru described her, I will be in big trouble.'


They nodded.


Choji immediately attacked. It seems like he is going all out from the beginning. He first increased his size and then he started rolling extremely fast towards Hinata. But she was easily able to dodge him. But he came after her again.

Choji hit the wall and bounced back. He stopped using the human boulder technique.

Before he knew what happened, Hinata appeared in front of him and started hitting him with her palms.

She finished it with a kick to the side of his face. He hit the wall and got knocked out. The referee went to feel his pulse.

Choji Akimichi is knocked out, the winner is Hinata Hyuga. She came back to us and Choji got carried to the medic by two ninjas.

"Great job Hinata."

I gave her a hug.

"Wha wha what!"

'Naruto-kun just hugged me. This is the first time that I'm so close to him. He smells really nice.'

While Hinata was in her dream world the referee spoke.

"Next match, Tenten vs Kiba."

They stood opposite each other.


They nodded.


Tenten took out a scroll.

Multiple weapons came flying at Kiba. He was able to dodge most, but a couple still scr.a.p.ed him.

He got on all four and started to look more like a dog. He threw smoke bombs at her and started attacking. But Tenten was able to jump away before the smoke bombs came close to her.

She threw a chain around him, completely restraining him. She took out another scroll.

Another barrage of weapons came flying at him. He wasn't able to do anything to stop them. But Tenten didn't hurt him too much since he is from the same village. After he was hit by a couple of weapons, he got slammed to the ground by Tenten. He got knocked out and Akamaru wasn't even able to do anything but watch.

'This was anticlimactic. I expected more from him. Well, whatever, It's my turn now and it seems like I'm going against the sound guy.'

After the battlefield got cleaned from the weapons, the referee announced my match.

"Next match, Dosu Kinuta vs Naruto Uzumaki."

"Good luck Naruto-kun."

"Finish it quickly, I want to go home."

"Thank you, Hinata. Don't worry Shikamaru, I'll make It quick."

I stood opposite him. He looked really arrogant.

"You're that guy that was arguing with four eyes. Don't think that a weakling like you will be able to hurt me. All you Konoha genins are so weak."

"Ey ref. start this match quickly. I'm getting a headache from this guy."

"You bastard! Start the match so I can kill this guy."

The referee looked at us.


Dosu was about to move when I appeared before him. I grabbed his face and slammed him to the ground, making a huge crater.

'Oops, I used too much strength'

Everyone was shocked, except for my team. After the referee got out of his shock he called the match.

"Dosu Kinuta got knocked out. The winner is Naruto Uzumaki. And that is the end of the preliminary exam."