Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 2

Volume 1 Chapter 2

Looking at the screen in front of me I almost wanted to yell in joy. A system is one of the best golden fingers you can get. To think that I got one. But I need to calm down. I don't know what this system can do, so I need to figure that out first. Let's try this out.


Suddenly a screen pops up in front of me.


Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 5


Strength: low-level Acadamy Student

Dexterity: low-level Acadamy Student

Intelligence: normal-level Chunin

Chakra: Special Jonin

Chakra control: 0%

Affinity: ?





'It is pretty easy to understand.'

Strength is the level of physical strength that I have. Dexterity is probably how fast I can move and maybe also how fast my reflexes are.

Intelligence is how smart I am and what level of strategies I can think up.

Chakra is the amount of chakra I have. Chakra control is how well I can control my chakra.

'Hm, even though I have a lot of chakra for somebody my age. I haven't unlocked it yet, that's probably why my control is 0%.

My affinity has a ?, so I think I have to find that out for myself. Even though Naruto had a wind affinity in the series there is a chance that I have more than just wind.

I understand skills but I don't know how to get one. Do I just have to repeat the same action to get a skill or is there something else I have to do. Well I'll find out later.

Jutsus is probably the jutsus I know.

Is this all that the system has to offer? Let's try some out some Other tings.

"System are you there? Menu. Inventory. Quest. Shop"

Nothing happened. It seems that the system doesn't have an A.I. It also doesn't have a quest function which is nice because I don't like being told what to do. I only have the status screen but that's oke. It won't be as fun if I have everything handed to me.

Now that I'm done with that I finished putting on my shinobi sandals and went outside. When I stepped outside I was amazed. The air is so clean and all the trees and plants look so beautiful. In my old world a scene like this was rare. And such a clean air was almost impossible to find.

I quickly got down and started exploring the village. The anime sure didn't do it justice. Its size was way bigger than I expected.

While I was walking through the village I noticed all the villagers looking at me with cold eyes and a couple of them started calling me a demon and insulting me. I don't know how Naruto was able to stay sane with this happening every day since he was a little kid. But I couldn't care less about what they say about me.

While I was walking I noticed the Hokage building. Since I needed to talk to him any way I might as well go now. Since I'm technically 5 years old I'll also need to act like one. So while I was walking to the Hokage building I started to think about what I will say.

When I arrived I saw his secretary sitting behind the counter. I walked up to her and said:

"Miss can you please tell the Hokage that I want to talk to him."

Even though she didn't like me and gave me a cold look. As the Hokage's secretary she knows better than to find trouble with me while the Hokage is close by. She told me to sit and wait while she went to tell the Hokage that I am here.

A little bit later she returned and told me I can see him. Since Naruto visited here before I know where to go. When I stood in front of the door and wanted to knock I heard an old voice.

"Come in Naruto."

So I opened the door and went in. When I closed the door I smiled At him and said:

"Hello Jiji!"

"Hello Naruto, why have you decided to visit me today."

"Euhm, well I have a little problem. You see every time I walk in a shop I get kicked out"

I started to cry a little to make it look like I'm really sad.

"What why would they kick you out!"

"*sob* *sob* They keep calling me a demon and say that I will destroy their shop. But I don't know what they mean."

I looked him in the eyes and asked him while crying.

"Jiji am I a demon"

Hearing Naruto the Hokage got angry and blamed himself for not being able to protect the little boy.

'I'll have to make it up to him.'

"Of course not Naruto. You are no demon. You are Naruto Uzumaki, those villagers don't know what they are saying. How about this I will get someone to visit you every Monday after you finish school and you can tell him whatever you want from the shop and he will get it for you. I will also pay it for you"

"What really Jiji. Thank you you're the best."

To complete the act I jumped at the Hokage and hugged him.

'This is so embarrassing but I'll do what I'll have to.

Letting go of the Hokage I told him I have something to do and bade him farewell.

After that I went straight home and sat on my bed in a cross-legged position. The reason I'm sitting like this is because I want to unlock my chakra.

I don't know exactly how it works but I know that my chakra is located in my stomach. I first tried to sense my chakra by closing my eyes and focusing on my stomach area. After 4 minutes I was able to sense my chakra. Since I already have a pretty big amount of chakra it was easier for me to sense.

After that I tried to manipulate my chakra to course through my entire body. This was a lot harder. But after a lot of failed attempts, I was finally able to circulate the chakra through every part of my body.

Suddenly my chakra flared up and quickly calmed down again. I have unlocked my chakra.


[Chakra control + 5%]

Good, it worked. Now I will need to start doing the leave exercise. I will also have to start physical training. Now that my whole body is getting supplied with chakra I won't have to worry as much about injuring my body. But I still need to be careful.

I will start my training tomorrow. So I'll need to find an abandoned training ground. I started meditating again to get used to chakra. When I was done and felt like I got completely used to it it was already 8 pm so I ate some ramen and went to sleep.