Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 22

Volume 1 Chapter 22

[1 week later]

[Shikamaru P.O.V.]

I'm looking at the matches of the last exam.

Round 1: Rock Lee vs Kankuro

Round 2: Zaku Abumi vs Shino Aburame

Round 3: Shikamaru Nara vs Gaara

Round 4 Misumi Tsurugi vs Hinata Hyuga

Round 5 Tenten vs Naruto Uzumaki

My opponent is Gaara. He is the one from Suna who destroyed Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto told me that if he went all out even the Hokage would have to risk his life to stop him. I've been thinking for a week now, but I can't think of any plan to defeat him.

I wanted to think of something myself, but maybe I should just ask Naruto. He seems to know a lot about that Gaara guy. Yeah, I guess I'll do that.

I'm walking through the village towards Naruto's house.


Someone bumped into me and before I knew it I was holding a girl by her waist stopping her from falling on the ground. Our faces were almost touching.


She slapped me on my face.

"What was that for, I just saved you from falling!"

'Wait isn't she Gaara's teammate?'

"You're that blondes teammate. Did you really think I could fall so easily? And why did you put your face so close to mine?"

"It was an accident. I just acted on instinct."

"What instinct? The instinct of your lower part? You pervert!"


She gave me another slap and ran away.

'I feel sorry for the idiot that is going to marry her.'

I arrived at Naruto's apartment. I knocked on the door. A couple of seconds later Naruto opened the door.

"Yo Shikamaru what brings you here?"

"I need your help with something."

"Sure come in."

I entered his apartment. Contrary to the outside the inside looks really clean.

"Why do you still live in this dump? We make enough money from our missions. You can get a better apartment than this."

"I like it here. It's cozy."


"Make yourself comfortable. Do you want something to drink?"

"Some tea, please."

"Coming right up."

He made me tea. I don't know why but his food and drinks always taste so good. I've never tasted anything better than his food.

"So what did you want help with?"

"I'm here to ask about Gaara. Even after thinking about it for a week, I don't know how to defeat him."

"Do you know what happens when sand gets really hot?"

"It turns into glass."

"Well, there is your answer."

"But I don't know any fire Jutsu that is hot enough to turn his sand into glass."

"I'll teach you."

"You have a jutsu that is hot enough?"


"Man, where do you get these crazy jutsus from."

"I'll tell you some other time."

"Damn you and your secrets."

"Everyone has their secrets."

"Whatever. Let's play some Shogi."

"You sure?"

"What are you scared because I have been winning a lot lately?"

"You find winning once every 20 games a lot? But I can't deny that you have improved massively."

After playing some Shogi with Naruto I went back home.

[Naruto P.O.V.]

Shikamaru just left. Poor guy has to fight Gaara. Even if he is strong, Gaara still has Shukaku to fall back on. Shikamaru is far from being able to beat Shukaku.

I summoned some clones and body flickered to a secluded place in the forest.

In a puff of smoke, a small green toad appeared. He looked at me.

"You must be Naruto Uzumaki, the new Summoner."

"Yup, that's me."

"Why have you summoned me?"

"I wanted to ask you about Sage Mode."

"How do you know about that?"


"Why are you asking?"

"I want you to teach me."

"Do you really think that it's something you could easily learn? Jiraiya has been learning it for years but he still hasn't perfected it. Do you understand how difficult it is?"

"Jiraiya is just a lazy pervert. I'm confident in being able to do it. You can just see if I'm good enough before you teach me."

"Why do you want to learn it."

I looked up at the sky. Thinking about a good excuse.

"I have people that I love and care about and to protect them I need all the power I can get."

"That is an honorable reason. Fine I will teach you. We will have to go to Mount Myboku to train in Sage mode. Go and get ready and summon me again when you've packed everything."

"Don't worry I came prepared. We can go right now."

"At least you're smart."

He jumped onto my shoulder.


We appeared on Mount Myboku. It looks really beautiful. There were a lot of mountains and plants.

"Follow me. You'll be staying at my house."

We arrived at his house. I needed to crawl to enter it. When I entered I saw a small purple frog.

"Who is this."

"This is Naruto Uzumaki, our new Summoner. He summoned me to teach him Sage Mode."

"Oh, I see. Are you guys hungry?"

"No, thank you I ate before coming here."

"I see, just tell me when you feel hungry."

"Now that I think about it I haven't told you my name yet. My name is Fukasaku and this is my wife Shima."

"It's nice to meet both of you. Oh yeah, could you both do me a favor? Please don't tell Jiraiya that you ever met me or that I came here."


"Personal reasons."

"Don't worry our lips are sealed. Follow me I will start teaching you right now. I'm sure you can't stay away for long."

"Thank you."

He took me to a fountain filled with toad oil.

"Sage Mode is an empowered state that can be entered by blending natural energy with one's chakra, creating senjutsu chakra. Sage Mode allows you to tap into the natural force of the world, opening up new techniques and allowing you to power up existing ones with the new senjutsu chakra."

He took a breath before continuing.

"In order to enter Sage Mode, you must remain absolutely still in order to be one with nature and balance the natural energy with your own physical and spiritual energies. If you put too little natural energy into using senjutsu, the technique will not work. Conversely, if too much natural energy is taken in, your body will turn to stone forever; you will also be transformed into a frog."

He looked me in my eyes.

"Having heard what could happen, are you sure that you want to continue?"

"It's a small risk to take for my loved ones."

"You have a good heart."

'Yup my heart is 100% pure gold. Nothing wrong with my heart at all'

"Come here and give me your arm."