Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1 Chapter 23

I reached out my arm. He put some oil on my arm. I felt unknown energy entering my body.

'So this is Natural Energy. I already feel stronger.'

But I couldn't control it. I looked in the water and saw that I looked a little bit like a frog.

'This will be harder than I thought.'

"You have a way to treat me right?"

"Of course."

He took out a stick and slammed me on my head. For a small and old frog, he sure is strong.

"Why didn't you scream? Didn't it hurt?"

"I'm just full of YOUTH! Something like this can't faze me."

"Youth? You, humans, are really weird sometimes. Let's get back to training. Go sit down and take off your shirt. You need to be completely still for this."

I sat down cross-legged and took off my shirt.

"Are you ready?"

"I'm ready."

He started strowing toad oil on my back. I could sense the Natural Chakra that was entering my body. I balanced it with my physical and spiritual energies. I had almost balanced it out, but I messed up. I don't have 100% chakra control so I shouldn't expect to get everything on the first try.


I got smacked on my head.

"What have you done boy?"

"What do you mean?"

"You had almost gotten it down completely. What the hell are you? Gamabunta told me that you had amazing chakra control, but chakra control isn't everything you need. You need to stay completely still to be able to balance it with your own chakra."

"It's not that difficult. Let's go one more time, I know I will get it down with one more try."

I closed my eyes and completely focused on sensing my chakra and the Natural chakra. He threw some oil against my back again and I felt the Natural chakra entering me again. I again tried to balance it out with my own chakra. Orange lines started appearing around my eyes. I slowly opened my eyes.

'This is amazing. I feel so much stronger.'

I walked up to one of the toad's statues. I used one hand and was easily able to lift it up. Normally I would have to use two hands and put in effort to pick it up.

"You put everyone who has learned it before you to shame. To think someone would be able to do it in two tries. Follow me let's test how much of a genius you really are."

He took me to a lot of pointy rocks. He took out a stone board and before he could explain I snatched it from him and jumped to the highest rock and sat on it with the board. I closed my eyes without moving an inch.

'He is really impatient, but he understood what he needed to do without me explaining anything. If Jiraiya boy could have 1/10 of his talent and brains he could've become the biggest legend of his era. Easily outshining his teammates and his sensei.'

I have done a lot of meditating to prepare for learning sage mode. I'm able to stand on one foot under a waterfall without moving. I even had my clones try to disrupt me by using small wind jutsus and throw some things at me. This isn't so difficult in comparison, I just need to absorb some Natural chakra and balance it out. I already know the feeling so this will be easy.

20 seconds later I opened my eyes and I entered Sage Mode.

'This boy got it down so easily. Let's test out how strong he is.'

I could see the frog flying towards me trying to punch me. I met his fist head-on and send him flying back into a rock.

"You're stronger than me without Sage Mode, but to bad for you I have Sage Mode."

I walked up to him. I had a big smile on my face and I accidentally leaked some of Kurama's chakra.

"What are you going to do to me. I helped you and now you want to kill me."

'Damn I got way too excited. I always get like this when I accomplished something I have been trying to achieve for a long time.'

"Who do you take me for. I never treat those that have been good to me bad."

"I'm sorry for misjudging you. It's just that chakra that you leaked."

"I'm sorry I got too excited. I assume you know who that chakra belongs to. Don't worry I have everything under control"

"What Jiraiya told that you didn't know about that."

"I haven't talked to anyone about it except for two people. But there is nothing to worry about, I'm still Naruto Uzumaki and the seal is intact."

"You will really give me a heart attack one day. Don't worry you must have your reasons for not telling anyone else so I will keep my lips sealed."

"Thank you I knew that I could trust you. Hop onto my shoulder, I will bring you home."

He jumped onto my shoulder.

'Haha, bad move. Let's have some fun.'

I pulled him into my mindscape right before Kurama. Kurama started leaking his killing intent and glared at him.


He passed out.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA., you went overboard Kurama."

"I told you to not bring any toads here!"

"Hahahaha, sorry I couldn't help it. His face was priceless."

"Hehe, yeah he looked pathetic."

"We should do this more often. Maybe I should trick the Hokage next."

"That Uchiha brat would be better."

"What! Don't tell me you also have something for little boys."

"You brat do you want to die! You have been really arrogant since the day we've met. Maybe I need to show you what respect is. Come and fight me!"

"Sure let's fight. Just give me a second."

I stood still and entered Sage Mode.

"To think you would let me enter Sage Mode without attacking."

"I don't want you to complain by saying you didn't use your full power."

I changed my mindscape to a huge rock plateau.

"This is better now let's start."

He tried to hit me with his claws but I easily dodged.

I summoned 4 clones and encircled him.

My clones attacked him with Rasengans that were infused with Natural Chakra.

"You have to try harder than this if you want to beat me."

He used his tails to destroy my clones. But before he realized it I was standing on his snout. I put my hand before my eyes.

"What are you doing? Do you really think you can defeat me without looking?"

I removed my hand.

"WHAT! Why do you have those cursed eyes?"

I appeared above him with a massive Rasengan. The one on his snout is my clone. I slammed it into his head destroying. His head slammed into the ground making it cave in. I jumped in front of him.

"Hahaha, you fell for such a simple genjutsu. I thought you were supposed to be powerful."

He stood up.

"Don't think that will work for a second time. Why did you even pick those eyes?"

"I know that you and the Uchiha have a history together so I used a simple genjutsu to make my eyes look like the Sharingan. You were so shocked that you didn't realize I was attacking you."

"Tsk, it was just a cheap shot. Let's go again!"

"Maybe another time furball. I need to take Fukasaku home before he wakes up. Bye."