Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 25

Volume 1 Chapter 25

I am eating Dango with Hinata.

"So how is your father."

"He is really angry with you, you idiot."

"But, at least we can get married."

"Who said I want to marry you?"

"Ino looks kinda hot, maybe I should try my chance with her."

She sent a dead glare towards me.

"Haha, calm down. You know you're the only one I'll ever love."

"That better be the case."

After eating I took her shopping. I bought her a lot of clothes but she is worth it. The shopkeepers leave me alone when Hinata is around and I have never caused them any trouble that they know of, so they are less hostile.

"Thank you so much for these clothes."

"Anything for my queen. It's getting late, let me take you home."

[3 weeks later

The night before chunin exams]

I always have my clones keeping tabs on what is going on in the village and now I've got the information that I've been waiting for.

"This village sure has talented people. But a blade of wind cannot be stopped by anyone."

Before he got hit I grabbed Hayate out of there.

"What, who are you?"

I didn't answer and gave him a punch to his gut. I finished it off with a chop to the neck.

"Aren't you Naruto?"

"That's me. If you're still able to move let's go report to the Hokage."

"I can still move."

"Alright let's go."

I put a paralyze seal on Baki and two of my clones carried him.

We arrived at the Hokage tower and I went straight to the window. I could see him smoke his pipe and reading Ich Icha while his clones were working.

"Yo old man."

"Naruto, Hayate?"

He let us in.

"Why do you have Shinobi from Suna with you."

"Ask Hayate."

"Sir, I overheard this man and Kabuto who is related to the sound village talk about attacking our village tomorrow."

"What, are you sure about this."

"100% sir."

"And why are you here Naruto."

"Oh, I had to save his ass because he was so weak that he almost got killed."

Hayate looked down, not daring to look up.

"But I guess that is because he is sick. I will find you someone who can cure him when this is over."

He looked at me with hope in his eyes.

"Thank you, Naruto."

"It's nothing. Now, what will you do old man."

"You don't have to worry about this issue anymore. The chunin exams will still be held tomorrow and I hope you can still be the proctor Hayate."

"Of course sir."

"Well, I'm going home. Good luck old man."

I disappeared and headed towards my home.

[Hiruzen P.O.V.]

'This is a big problem.'

"Call every Jonin and clan leader who is in the village. Also, call the council and Jiraiya. We will be having a meeting."

Multiple people jumped out of the shadow.

"Yes, Hokage."

"They disappeared."

[1 hour later]

We are in a big room without seats or tables. I placed a silence seal on this room so no one can listen in.

"Why have you called us so late sensei?" asked Jiraiya

"Hayate was just saved by Naruto from one of Suna's shinobi. That Ninja is called Baki. He is a member of Suna's advisory council. Hayate heard him and a shinobi from the sound village called kabuto talking about invading the village."

"Why would they do that? We are clearly stronger."

"That is because the One Tails is in the village. You may know his Jinchuuriki, Gaara."

"I knew that kid was dangerous from the first time I saw him." said Kakashi

"What is your plan Hokage?"

"We will let the exam continue."

"But letting it continue will bring everyone in danger."

"If we cancel it they will attack immediately and we aren't prepared yet. They should already know that we know what they are up to but the Kazekage isn't here yet so they will have to wait for him if the chunin exams continue."

"But can't we assassinate everyone who will attack?"

"This village is big and we don't know where the rest of their troops are, we won't be able to find and kill everyone quickly enough. And if they find out and attack, the citizen will be in danger. We will strengthen our walls and increase the security at the exam. There will also be Jonins hidden in the audience."

"What about the Kazekage and the One Tails?" asked Kakashi

"I will take care of the Kazekage and Jiraiya will take care of the One Tails."

"But sir that is too dangerous. You should at least have some backup. And how can one person take care of a Tailed Beast." Said one of the civilian council members.

"Don't underestimate us. I may be old but my strength is still enough to protect the village from the Kazekage. And Jiraiya is a seal master and one of the Sannin. He will be able to take care of the one tails. Oh yeah, Danzo I will be expecting your support in tomorrow's battle. You will help keep the civilians safe."

He just nodded.

"Are there any more questions?"

No one spoke up.

"Alright, get ready for tomorrow. And don't tell anyone else about this. I don't want anything about this to be leaked. Do you all understand?"

"Yes sir!"

[Naruto P.O.V.]

I was listening in with a seal that I placed on Hayate. It's pretty handy for information gathering. There plan isn't anything fancy. They are just saying that they can't do anything now and that they will just up their security so they can minimize the casualties.

'I thought that the Hokage knew that Orochimaru was the Kage of the Sound village so why didn't he mention him.'

Even an idiot could figure out that he would be coming to attack the village. I guess he is just too soft.

I will also need to prepare for tomorrow. I have already told Hinata and Shikamaru about it. Can't have them be unprepared.

'Ey Kurama.'

'What is it.'

'Oh, you aren't calling me a brat anymore how nice of you.'

'Just tell me what you want already.'

'I just wanted to tell you to take a good rest because I will use a lot of chakra tomorrow. We will also be fighting against one of your siblings.'

'He is no sibling of mine.'

'Then you wouldn't mind it if I capture him and do some experiments on him.'

I suddenly felt a crushing killing intent coming over me. I almost couldn't breathe.

'Yo stop it already I was just joking.'

He stopped and I could finally breathe normally again.

'Your joke wasn't funny.'

'I'm sorry Kurama, but I thought that he wasn't your sibling.'

'Just shut up.'

'Haha, you sound like a big brother that doesn't want to admits that he loves his siblings. But you actually love them the most. I didn't know you had such a soft spot.'

'If you don't shut up right now I will not help you tomorrow!'

'Alright, no need to get so angry. Goodnight Kurama.'

'Goodnight brat."