Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 26

Volume 1 Chapter 26

[Next morning]

I'm eating breakfast.

So today is the day that I show everyone what I'm made of. I hope those villagers will be reasonable and accept me after today. Not like I care about their feelings, but I can't be the Hokage if everyone hates me.

I still have 2 hours before I need to go to the exam. Shikamaru will probably not survive against Gaara so I need to intervene when he is about to kill him. But by doing that the attack will probably begin.

I can't Immediately defeat Gaara tho. I need to give him a chance to transform to get the most merit.

'It's really annoying to do my best to impress other people, but it's necessary.'

I cleaned the table, put on my clothes, and walked out of the door. I walked towards Shikamaru's house.

After arriving there I could see him standing by the door.

"You're late."

"I thought this was too troublesome for you. I guess you found a way to beat him or something."

He just smirked and started walking.

'Don't tell me he really found away.'

We went by Hinata's house and picked her up. We are on our way to Ichiraku.

"Sup old man, give us the usual."

"Coming right up. Aren't you guys supposed to be at the chunin exam?"

"I need your ramen for energy. Without your ramen, I couldn't become chunin."

"Don't try to curry favors with me. I won't give you a free meal."

"Aw, I tried so hard. Well, I guess I'll be paying today."

"Why do you have to always pay? Do you think I'm poor or something?"

"When a friend is trying to be nice you should just accept it Shikamaru. And isn't it too troublesome for you to take money out of your wallet."

"Shut up!"

After we finished eating and talking there was still half an hour left.

"Hey old man. You can have my clone help you today."

"Why would you do that? You need all your strength for today."

"I'll be fine and don't worry he knows what he's doing. Well, I'll see you again when I'm a chunin."

"Than you better become one today. Good luck!"

We arrived at the exam. We could see the rest of the contestants waiting in the arena.

"It seems like we came a little late."

"It's your fault."

"Like you didn't enjoy the ramen."

"That has nothing to do with it."

"Team 8 get in line quickly."

We got in line and after some useless talk, we finally started.

"The first match is Rock Lee vs Kankuro. The rest of you get out of the field."

We went out of the field leaving those two trying to intimidate each other.

'Rock Lee is really strong, if it wasn't for Gaara he could have made it in the finals. But now he has a chance to show off all his hard work.'

"Who do you think is going to win Naruto?"

"Rock Lee of course."

"Like that, weak leaf brat is able to do anything. Kankuro will easily win this."

"Hm, aren't you Temari? Didn't you get your ass handed to you by Lee? Why are you still acting so arrogant"

"You bastard!"

"If anyone knows what Lee is capable of it's me. He went easy on you because if he went all out, you'd be dead. Even that Gaara guy would have a chance to lose against him."

"Like you know anything about Gaara!"

"I know more about the raccoon than you."

"How do you know that?" Gaara asked

"Wouldn't you like to know. You know what, how about I show you."

I reached out with my fist. He started at it weirdly.

"What are you looking at? One you give me a fist bump you will understand everything."

He looked skeptical but still did it.

We arrived in my mindscape. I had Kurama behind me and he had Shukaku behind him.

"What is that and where are we?

"This is the Nine-Tailed Fox and we are in my mindscape."

"What! That is the Nine-Tails?"

"Hahahahaahahhahahaaha, It's been ages since I've seen you."

"Shut up you dammed raccoon."

Gaara looked behind him in shock.

"What are you doing here?"

"You were the idiot that took me here. You trusted an enemy so easily."

"Shut up you damn demon."

"You two have a really good relationship."

"Shut up Naruto!"

"Why are you being so hostile to me. If you start treating me better I wouldn't mind changing your seal so that you can sleep at night without having to worry about him getting out."

"Not even our best seal master could do that. Are you trying to trick me or something."

"I wouldn't dare, but you better not underestimate my sealing abilities. I'm an Uzumaki. My clan was feared for their sealing skills and I happened to inherit that talent in sealing."

"I don't need your help. I will kill you."

"How about this. We will fight after the exam and if I win you'll be my friend."

"Dream on."

"Oh, your scared?"

"Bastard! What if I win?"

"You can think of something yourself I don't really care."

"Fine, I'll kill you after I've beaten you."

"Sure if that is what you want. Ey raccoon. You better give me everything you've got after he sets you free to fight."

"Don't think you can beat me because of the fox."

"Who said I'm going to use his help anyway."

"Hahahahahahahahaha, fox you have n interesting brat. Too bad he is going to die."

"You shouldn't underestimate him. If you do, you'll die."

"Hahahahahahaha, to think you would ever favor a human. I want to fight him even more now."

"Well good luck with that. Don't expect me to stop him when he is about to kill you."

"Ey brat! Let's fight him right now."

"We can't. We need to follow the plan."

"Screw the plan. I want to kill him now."

'Is he really going to attack now? But he won't be able to escape from here. Not even Kurama could.''

"Fine let's kill everyone. Get me out of here."

"Hahaha, finally I get to fight."

Before they could escape they got tied down.

"You really shouldn't underestimate me."