Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 4

Volume 1 Chapter 4

I started with some simple stretching. After that, I started to do some standard exercise. Since I was still young I couldn't do too much, so I started with 10 press-ups, 10 squats, 10 sit-ups, and 5 burpees. I was already lying on the floor, but I can't stop now so I got up and did 5 laps around the training ground.

What I realized is that I didn't get any skills while working out which eliminates the chances of the skills working the same as The Gamer System. It was a bit disappointing, but this keeps it more fun. I'll have to experiment more with the system.

After resting for 20 minutes I started again. While I was resting I was training my chakra control with the leave exercise. After doing that 5 more times I went home.

[Time Skip: 3 years]

A lot happened in these 3 years. The biggest thing that happened was the Uchiha massacre. There was no way I could stop it, and it's not like I would even if I could. Knowing the true power of the Sharingan and what one person can do with it, I'd rather not want to deal with an entire clan if it ever comes to that.

Speaking of Uchiha, me and Sasuke became friends. Before the massacre he was a happy kid. Even if he was a little bit arrogant, it was tolerable. After the massacre he didn't come back to school. It has been 2 weeks now.

Besides Sasuke, I also became friends with Shino and Hinata. It seems that after Naruto rescued her before school started she already started developing a crush on him. But since I became the best in class and she saw me work so hard. She started to like me even more since she became redder than when we first met.

Since I rather not deal with a fainting Hinata every day. I started to befriend her and when we became closer she started to become less shy around me. And even though she is still shy at least we can hold a normal conversation without her stuttering.

I can't really say that I like her, but she is still a kid so there is still a lot of time to see what I think about her. But to be honest there are a lot of beautiful girls in this world. But I don't want multiple wives. I really shouldn't think about this right now. I should leave this for later I'm still young anyway.

Shino even though he is quiet and his bugs are kinda creepy, he is a really nice guy. But I have found something out about him. I once told him his bugs where cool and he suddenly started talking about every bug that exists.

Every time we met he starts talking about a new type of bug. He talked about their strengths, but also their weaknesses. It was a bad move on his part since I now know all his bugs weaknesses. Even if he gets new ones or eliminates their weaknesses I have enough knowledge about bugs to find their weaknesses.

And you might ask how can you remember all of that and the answer is simple. I have got a photographic memory. Yeah I don't know how either but when I went to the school's library I found out that I can remember everything perfectly after I finished a book. So I abused the heck out of it and read every book in the library, but since this is a library for Acadamy Students there isn't much above Genin level Information. There are only a couple at Chunin level

Shino's bug a pretty interesting. If I could make a jutsu that absorbs chakra like his bugs can and combine it with pains chakra absorption, I could maybe recreate Momoshiki's ability to absorb and return the chakra in an attack. But that is for the future.

When I become a Genin I will go to the public library and enter the shinobi section so I can learn jutsus. We will start learning the 3 jutsus too become a Genin this year. I'm looking forward to It because when I learn the transformation jutsu I'll finally be able to roam the village without being screamed at the entire day. It really gets annoying after a while. I'll also visit the general section of the public library once I can do the jutsu.

The only reason that I go to the village is for Ichiraku Ramen. You can say what you want but that is some heavenly stuff. I always thought Naruto was overhyping this stuff. But it seems that everything he said was true. But I don't go overboard. I only go on Saturdays or if I have something to celebrate. Even if its delicious I want to stay healthy.

And then last but not least Shikamaru. We became really good friends who knew he could be such a good friend with his lazy ass attitude.

Even though I'm friends with the others it's more like I'm using them. I'm slowly planting a in their heart that I'm their best friend and that we should always help each other out. In the future, they'll be useful for my master plan. Everything will make sense when the time is right.

One day Shikamaru introduced me to a game called Shogi. This was a great opportunity for me to learn strategies. I of course lost a lot, only winning a couple times. Even though I have Chunin level intelligence, that is only because of my previous life. I have never learned anything about strategies in my old life. And even though I have read every book about strategies in the school library I still couldn't beat him. But that is a given with his IQ and his fathers teachings.

Then it suddenly came to me. Can't I just ask his father to teach me? He is one of the smartest in the village, and I doubt he will be afraid of me. So I asked Shikamaru and even though he didn't expect that I would ask him something like that he still went and asked his father. Luckily for me, he accepted and after 3 years of learning under him I was finally able to beat Shikamaru. Actually "beat" puts it lightly. I massacred his ass. He was completely helpless. Don't know why I'm happy beating a kid, but who cares I'm happy.

And while I was training my brain I also started learning new skills and a year ago I ask the Hokage if he could get me some weights. Since I read that at 7 years old you don't have to worry about weights affecting your hight. Its a shinobi world so I guess old earth logic doesn't work here He instead of normal weights got me weights that are adjustable with chakra. I have one for both my arms and legs and one for my torso. I started with 5 kg for my arms and legs each and 10 kg for my torso. In that year I started to slowly increase the weights. And with the Nine-Tails chakra passively healing my muscles my training speed increased.

I am currently resting from my training session. In these 3 years my status changed a lot.