Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 40

Volume 1 Chapter 40

[Tsunade P.O.V.]

"Why are you still hanging in the past?" asked Dan

"I can't just move on. It was all my fault. I wasn't strong enough to save any of you."

"You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, sis. It wasn't your fault. We were just unlucky."

"He is right. We have already died, but you still have your life in front of you. You can't stay like this forever. You need to find someone else to care about."

"Yeah, someone like Naruto. Even if he was calling you an old hag I could see that he didn't mean anything bad by it. He was just joking to lift up your mood."

"Like hell I'll ever care about that brat! He is just trying to bully me because he has power."

"Nawaki was right. He looks like he cares about you. To be honest I would be really happy if you could be in his care."

"And what if she starts liking him in a different way?" asked Nawaki

"What are you thinking about brat!"

"I wouldn't mind."

"What!?" x2

"I'm already dead, there is no need for you to stay single your entire life."

"I would never care about that brat."

"As long as you move on I'm happy." said Dan

"Yeah, as long as you're happy. Hm? Hey sis why did he call you an old hag? You don't look so old to me."

"She is using an anti-aging jutsu so she must be much older than she looks."


"Ey calm down. It was just a joke, but I didn't think it was real."

They started glowing.

"What is happening, sis?"

"The jutsu is probably almost over." said Dan

Tears started to flow down my face.

"There is no need to cry Tsunade. We'll always be watching over you from above."

"Yeah, but I'll only look after you if you move on."



"Please don't leave."

"I'm sorry Tsunade. I won't be able to stay by your side, but just know that I'll always love you."

"Goodbye, sis. I'll always love you and I hope that you'll live a happy life."

I wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Don't worry, I'll live my life to the fullest from today onward. I'll always love both of you!"

They disappeared into the sky while smiling.

[Naruto P.O.V.]

Haku and I are running back to the village.

"Master, you really are amazing. You managed to get the best medical Shinobi who also has the strength of a Kage as a subordinate while she was really mad at you. I'm sorry for having doubted your methods before."

"Well, what do I say, I'm just amazing like that."

"You sure are."

"This running is getting boring so I'll see you in the village."

My shadow clone dissolved itself.

'It was a shadow clone the whole time! Have I even ever seen the master's real body?'

[Back in Konoha]

I'm with Shikamaru. We were cloud watching when I received the memories from my clone.

'Damn, why does Haku look good as both genders. Tsunade will come back so that is good news, but I wonder what the Akatsuki are up to. I guess they are just earning money while waiting for the Three-Tails to resurrect.'

After cloud watching, I went home. I sat on my bed.

'Let's check my status.'


Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 13


Strength: normal-level Kage

Dexterity: normal-level Kage

Chakra: high-level Kage (Without the Kyubi)

Chakra control: 98% (Mastering each Nature transformation is 1%)

Affinity: Wind, Lightning, and Water


Master Waterfall walking Lv 15/15 MAX

Master Cooking Lv 25/25 MAX

Master Kunai&Shurikenjutsu Lv 25/25

Master Trap Making Lv 25/25 MAX

Master Stealth Lv 25/25 MAX

Master Chakra Sensing Lv 25/25 MAX

Master Finjutsu Lv25/25 MAX

(AN: Let me know if there are any skills you want me to add. Also, he has too many Jutsus so I won't be putting them in his status. Just know that he knows almost every jutsu from Konoha and a couple of others from other villages.)

'Hm? The intelligence attribute is gone. I guess I'm such a genius that it wasn't able to measure my intelligence. The rest looks like I expected, I just need to find a way to master the last two natures.'

"What is it?"

An anbu appeared in front of me.

"The Fire Daimyo is asking for your presence."

"What does he want?"

"I don't know sir."

'Hm, what does that guy want?'

"Tell Asuma and Kakashi to meet me at the west gate in 3 days at 1 pm."

"But sir, the Daimyo said that you have to come as quickly as possible."

"So? I don't feel like going now. Just go and tell those two to prepare."

"Yes sir."

He disappeared.

'I hope for him that he doesn't try to manipulate me because I'm young. Maybe I should instead manipulate him.'

I messaged Itachi to come to my house.

He quickly appeared in front of me.

"Your orders sir."

"The Daimyo called me to come to him. What do you think he wants?"

"I think he just wants to meet you because you're the new Hokage."

"But then why did he ask me to come as quickly as possible? If it really was just to meet me, I'm sure he could have given me more time, but he wants me to come as quickly as possible. Do you think he has some evil plot?"

"If I'm honest he isn't the type who would think of an evil plot. Not because he is a good guy, but because he isn't the smartest. He leaves most work to his advisors and he gets swayed really easily. So if there is an evil plot it must be made by the advisors."

"That is possible, but what could they be thinking of?"

"Do you want me to find out sir?"

"Yeah sure, why not. Just make sure not to get spotted by anyone and don't kill anyone if it isn't necessary."

"Yes sir."

"Oh yeah, here you go."

I threw him a scroll.

"What is this sir?"

"These are all the Sharingan's from Danzo."

"Why are you giving them to me?"

"They aren't mine to keep and it's not like I would ever use them anyway."

"A lot of people would kill to get their hands on one Sharingan. If you could use it you'd become even stronger."

"I don't need a Dojutsu to become strong. Just make sure to put them somewhere where they won't be found."

"Thank you, sir. I'm really thankful for all that you have done for me."

"Don't mention it, just make sure you find out what the Daimyo and his advisors want as quickly as possible."

"I'll go immediately after packing my stuff."

"Say how are you and Sasuke doing?"

He had a big smile on his face.

"It's going great. He even calls me big brother now."

"That's good to hear and how are the plans concerning Orochimaru going."

His smile instantly disappeared.

"We're almost ready."

"I understand that you're angry but I can't have you going on the mission while being angry so you better clear your mind of anything unnecessary and keep the goal in mind."

"I understand sir."

"You can go now."

He disappeared.