Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 41

Volume 1 Chapter 41

[3 days later]

It's 5 pm and I'm on my way to the west gate. I arrived there and could see Asuma sitting on the ground and Kakashi reading his Icha Icha book.

"Yo, sorry I'm late. I got lost on the path of life."

"Are you really using Kakashi's excuss?"

"They work. But let's not wait any longer, I'm sure the Daimyo wants to kill me for making him wait for so long."

"You should take this more seriously. He isn't someone you can just offend," said Asuma

"Yeah, yeah I've heard people tell me that a lot of times but here I am."

We started running towards the capital city of the Fire Nation. It's pretty far, probably 3 days of normal running. But we are going a little faster so we should be there in 2 days.

"Ey Kakashi, how is that eye treating you?"

"It's useful but draining."

"Stop for a second."

We stopped on the ground.

"Show me your eye."

He backed off a little.

"To think my own subordinate doesn't trust me. Don't worry I'm not interested in your eye at all."

"I'm sorry sir but this eye is important to me so that is why I backed down."

He walked forward and showed me his Sharingan.

I put a hand on his eye,

I removed my hand and the Sharingan was gone.

"What have you done!"

"Calm down, sent some chakra into your eye."

Suddenly the Sharingan appeared again.

"If you want to turn it off, just stop feeding it chakra."

His eye turned back to normal. He bowed down.

"I'm so sorry for doubting you, sir."

"It's okay just put your mask back on. Oh and make sure to train hard from today onwards. If you don't train hard enough I will forbid you from visiting the stone."

"You can't do that!"

"I can do whatever I want."

He just looked at me.

"If you have nothing to say let's continue our journey."

He put his mask back on and we started running again.

[2 days later]

We arrived at the capital.

'It's size is impressive.'

"Let's go straight to the Daimyo."

We started walking towards the biggest building. It was a Japanese style palace.

We arrived before a big gate filled with guards. When we started approaching the gate they all started pointing their weapons at us.

"Who are you and what is your business here."

I continued walking forward with Asuma and Kakashi by my side.

"You must be a blind idiot or something."

I had my Hokage clothes on so anyone would be able to recognize who I am. When the idiot realized what I meant he immediately went on all fours and started bowing his head.

"I'm sorry for not recognizing you sir. I will Immediately inform the Daimyo of your presence. You go and bring our guest to the conference hall."

Another guard stepped forward and took us inside the palace.

After 10 minutes of walking, we finally arrived at the conference hall. The guard opened the door and let us in.

"Please wait here till the Daimyo arrives."

The guard closed the door and left

There was a long table with chairs. There was also a bigger chair at the head of the table. I went to the bigger chair and sat on it with my feet on the table.

Kakashi and Asuma looked shocked.

"Naruto, you can't sit there!"

"It's sir Hokage and I don't care. I like this seat."

"You shouldn't even bother, Asuma. Let's just see what happened."

They stood beside me and after 30 minutes the doors opened. The Daimyo and all his advisors walked in. They were accompanied by a lot of guards. When they saw me sit on the Daimyo seat they all had the same expression as Kakashi and Asuma.

"How dare you sit on the Daimyos seat!" said advisor 1

(An: I'll number the advisors to make it easier to follow.)

"It's just a seat don't make such a big deal out of it."

"Guards get that man of the Daimyos seat!" said advisor 1

All the guards looked scared. Except for the strongest guard. Hes probably the captain. He is really strong. I'm not completely sure if Kakashi could beat him. It would probably be a close fight.

"Sorry sir, but that would just be suicide. A Kage isn't someone who we could ever hope to defeat."

"Why are you all of you so useless!"

"Ey captain what is your name?"

"Daichi sir."

"Daichi would you like to join me?"

"How dare you think about taking our guard for yourself!"

"You just called him useless, but to me he looks more like a gem that isn't completely polished. You don't need to make your decision now, just know that Konoha always has its gates open for you."

"Thank you for thinking so highly of me sir, it's an honor."

"Let's stop talking and start this meeting." said the Daimyo

He walked up to the seat completely opposite of me and sat down. The rest of his Advisors also sat down. There were a total of 8 advisors.

"So may I know why I have been summoned here?"

"We summoned you to talk about the Elders." said advisor 2

"What is there to talk about? I just took care of the trash. Is there something wrong about that?"

"We understand why you did what you did, but you need to have someone to give you advice." said advisor 2

"I already have Shikaku to advise me."

"But one person's Advice is not enough, that is why we will be sending you two new advisors who will give you advice on everything." said advisor 3

'Do they think I'm stupid enough to discuss everything I do with strangers. They probably want to keep an eye on me.'

"I don't need any babysitters."

"You should take this more seriously and you have no choice in the matter!" said advisor 3

"Kakashi." I said

Kakashi appeared behind advisor 3 with a kunai on his neck.

"Have more respect for the Hokage. He isn't someone you can talk down to."

Kakashi put the kunai closer on his neck making a little bit of blood flow out.

I looked around and could see everyone distressed except for Daichi.

"Please stop, he didn't mean anything offensive by it." said advisor 4

Kakashi looked at me and I just nodded. He took back his kunai and appeared beside me again.

"If this is all you wanted to say I will take my leave."

I stood up and started walking towards the door. I stopped when the Daimyo spoke up.

"How about you stay here for the night and give us your answer tomorrow. Having 2 advisors who are really experienced will help you out a lot"

"Sure I'll stay here for the night."

I walked up to Daichi and stretched out my hand. He also stretched out his hand. I grabbed his hand.

"I hope you will think about joining me and give me your answer tomorrow."

He looked shocked, not because of what I just said, but because of what he heard in his head.

'Meet me on the roof at 1 am.'

He didn't say anything. Kakashi, Asuma, and I followed a servant to our room.

'If I can row Daichi in, the village will get a strong addition. He looks like he is in his mid-twenties and he is on the same level as Kakashi. If he joined a Shinobi village his strength would increase by a lot. With enough resources, he will easily be able to become a Kage level Shinobi.'