Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1 Chapter 43

[Next day]

I'm sitting opposite to the Daimyo again.

"Have you made a decision?" asked elder 1

"Yes, I don't want any advisor to join me."

"How dare you act so ungrateful! We are trying to help you." said elder 1

"We will respect your decision." said the Daimyo

"What did you say sir?" asked elder 2

"Are you deaf? We won't be forcing anyone in accepting something they don't want."

Everyone was shocked. They Daimyo would never speak up like this.

"You know you aren't as bad as I thought."

"I'll take that as a compliment. Let me accompany you to the gate." said the Daimyo

"Thank you."

The Daimyo and I are walking through the streets while chatting. Kakashi, Asuma, and a lot of guards behind us. We arrived at the east gate and I could see Daichi standing there with a girl that looked about 18 years old.

He looked shocked at seeing the Daimyo accompanying us.

"Thank you for accompanying us to the gate, but this is where we have to say our goodbyes."

"I understand, I hope you have a safe journey and come to see me again sometime."

"Of course, you're also always welcome. Bye."


The 5 of us left towards the village. Daichi was carrying his little sister on his back. She doesn't look so good and I don't know if moving her like this will make it worse, but we should get to Tsunade before something bad happens.

"Sir, do you know why the Daimyo suddenly started to act so nice?" asked Kakashi

"I don't know, maybe he fell on his head or something."

"You can't say that. If the Daimyo hears about this he will kill us." said Daichi

"Nah he wouldn't do that."

'Of course, he wouldn't do that. Or rather he can't since he is already dead. And I don't expect my clone to come after my head."

[3 days later]

We had to slow down a little because of Daichi carrying his little sister so we arrived a day later.

"Kakashi, Asuma you two can go home and rest. Thank you for your help."

"Of course, you can call us anytime," said Asuma

Kakashi nodded and they disappeared.

"Follow me, we'll take your sister to Tsunade."

We arrived at the hospital and Tsunade was already waiting for us at the entrance with a stretcher.

"Put her on the stretcher."

Daichi slowly put his sister on the stretcher.

"Can you cure her?" asked Daichi

"I don't know but I'll do my best."

"Daichi I need to go know. You can visit me after your sister gets better and I'll have someone bring you the keys to your new house."

He went on his knees.

"Thank you so much! I will never forget this. I swear that I'll give my life to you whenever you ask."

"You're of no use to me dead so just stay alive."

"Yes sir!"

My clone dissolved itself.

"That was a clone?"

I'm in my office when I got the clone's memories back.

'That was so easy. I don't know why nobody else ever tried it.'



"Come in."

It's one of the Shinobi's who handle the important mail.

"Sir we got a letter from Suna."

"Let me see."

He gave me the letter and I checked for any traps. Not finding any I opened it.

'A letter from Gaara? He wants to become allies.'

I took out a blank letter and wrote that I accepted. I gave it to the mail Shinobi.

"Get this to the Kazekage immediately."

"Yes sir!."

He took the letter and quickly left.

"What was in that letter?" asked Shikaku

"Suna wants to become allies and I accepted."

"What! Did you forget what they did?"

"That was the previous Kazekages doing, but the new Kazekage is my friend and I trust him."

"I hope that you aren't just going on blind trust."

"Of course not. You know how careful I am."

"Yeah, I know. So what are the conditions?"

"He just wanted our help in getting their own source of food and things like that. You know how they get charged a lot more from other villages to buy things."

"And what do we get in return."

"We get their full support in anything and they also get our full support."

"Aren't we losing on this deal then?"

"Why? Helping them get their own food and things like that is just us giving them our full support. So we aren't loosing out."

"I guess you're right."

"Have the other villages been acting up lately?"

"No, not really."

"How boring."

"Do you want to start a war or something?"

"It's not like any other village will stand a chance."

"You shouldn't underestimate the other villages."

"I'm not underestimating anyone. Oh yeah, I need you to up the academy training programs."

"Isn't it good enough as it is?"

"Are you being serious? 66% failing rate sounds good to you? I want it to go down to 1%."

"How will we do that?"

"I want you to find retired Jonin to teach in the academy. And implement the tree climbing technique into the Curriculum. If someone manages to master that they will get to learn the more advanced chakra control techniques. Also based on their performance and chakra nature they will be thaught elemental Jutsus."

"Are you sure that academy students can handle that?"

"If they have the will, of course, they can. Also for taijutsu try to get Chen to teach it."

"Old master Chen?"

"Yup, I don't know if he'll accept but we can try."

"Is there anything else you want to implement in the academy."

"Make it free."

"Sir, do you know how much the academy costs?"

"I don't care. The ones who are poor are most of the time a lot more hard-working then people who have everything. But we won't let just anyone in. I want you to create an entrance exam that will weed out the weak. Make it hard enough that eight-year-olds will struggle with it. Only someone who is 8 and bellow can join. So if someone didn't manage to pass it before they become 9 years old they aren't allowed to join the academy."

"But how are they supposed to learn things the things to pass the entrance exam?"

"We will open multiple schools that everyone can join when they are five and they will get all the knowledge they need."

"Are you sure you aren't planing for war?"

"I'm just thinking of the future. Now go and get it done immediately."

"Yes sir."

'I'll have to visit the academy once in a while to see if there are people with talent and personally train them. Could you imagine an entire army made of S-class Shinobi? The Akatsuki would piss their pants.'