Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 44

Volume 1 Chapter 44

[1 month later]

I'm facing a dark cell that has someone imprisoned into it.

"So Orochimaru, do you like your new home?"

"You dammed fox!"

"Why are you so angry? I'm giving you free food and a place to stay. You should thank me."

"Stop with your sarcasm and tell me why you imprisoned me."

"Are you stupid? You are a missing-nin and you tried to attack the village. If that isn't enough reason to capture you there are still all the inhuman experiments you did and the graves you robbed and things like that."

"So what are you going to do now? Are you going to kill me?"

"Nah, I have a much better plan. I also like to do research, but I have never had a human to experiment on."


"Hahahahahaha! Don't worry I won't do too much today. I will only take something I'm interested in."

I walked up to him and had one of my clones hold his mouth open.

'I really don't want to do this but you've gotta do what you've got to do'

I was about to put my hand in his mouth when I got and idea.

'I'm so stupid. I'm the Hokage, I can have other people do the dirty work for me."

I messaged Itachi to come here.

He appeared behind me.

"What can I do sir?"

"Put your hand in his mouth."

"Excuse me, sir?"

"Basically this bastard has a sword in his mouth that is transformed into a small snake and I want you to get me that snake."

Orochimaru was probably cursing me with every curse word he knows, but since my clone held his mouth open I couldn't understand any of it.

Itachi looked disgusted.

"Maybe I should have stayed with the Akatsuki."

"Don't get cold feet now. It will be over quickly."


He stood in front of Orochimaru and put his hand in his mouth. His hand went in till his elbow.

"I've think I've got it.'


The room turned dead silent.

Itachi quickly pulled out his hand while holding a snake. I've never seen him move so fast. He had a horrified look on his face.

"Can I please go home now?"

"Of course, thank you for your help."

He threw me the snake and immediately disappeared.

"You're really disgusting. I don't want to know what kind of experiments you've done."

He was quiet.

"Not even defending yourself?"

I squeezed the snake and in a poof of smoke, a sword appeared in my hand.


I stabbed him in his leg and started turning the sword.


"That is much better. I'll have someone visit you tomorrow who is really eager to meet you."

I sealed away the sword and left towards my home after making sure he can't escape.

'Poor Itachi, he was already physically tired and now he is mentally broken.'

[Flashback 1 day ago]

I'm in my office. Ibiki and Itachi say that they have something important to talk about.

"So what is it."

"We have found Orochimaru's hideout." said Ibiki

"How certain are you?"

"90% sir."

"That is a lot more than normal. You always say 30% or something like that. If it's another empty hideout, I will demote you."

"Don't worry sir, even if he isn't there we will definitely not come back empty-handed."

"You'll still get demoted if you come back without him."

"I understand sir."

"And Itachi don't think you will get away scot-free. If you fail I will make sure you won't see Sasuke for 3 months."

"We will leave immediately sir!"

"That's the spirit."

Itachi disappeared.

"you can ease up already, I was just joking."

He let out a deep breath.

"Please don't scare me like that again sir."

"You must really love your job if you got so afraid of being demoted."

"It's necessary for the village."

"Yeah just keep telling yourself that. You can go home now."

"Yes sir."

He left my office.

'He better be there or I swear I'll go hunt for him myself.'

I looked up.

'What am I saying? I'm the Hokage. I'm supposed to be lazy and order my subordinates to do everything for me.'

[Itachi P.O.V.]

I took 5 Anbu with me and we are on our way to Orochimaru's hideout.

'Even if he isn't there I will not go back until I find him. Naruto is too cruel with his punishments.'

[6 hours later]

We finally arrived at the hideout. The hideout entrance is in the shape of a snakehead.

"You two, go and patrol around this area. Look for a back door and if you see him try to hold him back till we get there."

They nodded and disappeared.

"You three follow closely behind me and activate your seals."

Naruto gave us seals that make traps and chakra sensors unable to sense us, but it only works for half an hour and he only gave us one per person.

We all activated the seals and moved in. I kept looking around to see if there are any physical traps since the seals can't do anything about that. We checked every room on our way but they were all empty till I sensed something in one of the rooms that an Anbu was about to open.

I quickly grabbed his hand and used signs to tell him to stay back and get ready. The others also noticed and stood prepared for an attack.

'This room reaks of snakes so it must be his room.'

To be safe I summoned a clone. Naruto taught me how to make them silenced which is perfect for situations like this.

My clone silently opened the door and moved in.


The room exploded and all of us jumped out of the way.

"He is onto us! quickly search the entire base and notify the others."

I ran deeper into the base. I tried my hardest to sense something when I caught a faint chakra signal. I started running towards it, but it kept getting farther away.

I started using body flickers, but I can't keep this up for long. My stamina is really bad because of my sickness and Tsunade is still trying to find a cure.

I was running up a pair of stairs when I finally felt him stop. I arrived at the top of the chairs and found that it led to the surface. I quickly went to the place where I sense the chakra signal and found that he was getting held back by the two Anbu. He looked at me.

"So it's true, you really did go back to the village. So why did you interrupt my sleep?"

"We're here to capture you."

"Do you really think you're able to?"

"Did you already forget about last time?"

"I had my guard down that time, but now that isn't going to happen."

'I need to quickly finish this. I used too many Body flickers and I've been running for 6 hours straight.'

I activated my Mangeky Sharingan.

A second later he fell down on his knees. Before he could recover, he got kicked towards me by the two Anbu and I quickly finished it with a chop to his neck using all my strength.


'A clone!'

I felt someone behind me.

I summoned a fist behind me which blocked the attack. I used the fist to grab Orochimaru and smacked him headfirst into the ground. I did this 10 more times before I felt him go limp.

A Anbu appeared beside him and put a paralyze seal on him.



'I've been pushing myself a lot lately and it has been making my condition worse. I hope Tsunade can hurry up or I might suddenly fall down and die.'

I sent a message to Ibiki to send a team to take everything from this base. The other 3 Anbu appeared.

"You three, stay and guard this place till the team from Konoha comes to take over."

"Yes sir."

"You two will come with me. You, carry Orochimaru and let's head out to Konoha immediately."

After I checked if he had any seal or weapon on him one of the Anbu's threw him over his shoulder and we left towards Konoha.

After arriving I took Orochimaru and went to a secret prison that Naruto had prepared. Arriving there I could see Naruto already waiting.

[Flashback end]