Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 48

Volume 1 Chapter 48

F just left my office.

I summoned a clone and it disappeared towards Takigakure.

'I wonder how the other villages will react. But I'm prepared for whatever plan they have.'

I sent a message to Shikamaru to come here.

5 minutes later he arrived.

"What is it, Naruto?"

"You have heard about the war right."

"Yeah, to think you would start a war. What the hell were you thinking."

"It had to be done. So what do you think about joining this war?"

"Not interested."

"Too bad, it's not like you had a choice in the first place."

"How troublesome."

"It's good training and if you make it out alive I'll give you a present."

"Are you really playing with my life right now?"

"Hahaha, of course not. If I didn't think you would make it, I wouldn't have told you to go."

"Are you going to let Hinata join the war too? After all, it would be good training."

"Don't worry she'll be there too."

"You really are a cold bastard."

"I know that you didn't really mean that."

"This grand hidden plan of yours better be perfect."

"Hahaha, you know me so well. Come here and let's play some Shogi."

"You're dead meat!"

"Bring it on!"

[1 week later]

5.000 Konoha Shinobi are inside Takigakure. All of them are Chunin or higher. Takigakure had only 3.000 but 40% of their force is Jonin. I had Jiraiya be the leader of the army. He protested really hard, but a ban on ever visiting any onsen seemed to do the trick

I'm hiding in the shadows to watch how all of this will unfold. F is also here, but she will not partake in the war. She is only here to talk to Shibuki.

The reason we were able to infiltrate their village with 5.000 Shinobi is that I had a couple of my clones dig entrances all over Takigakure with Earth Jutsus. I used seals to cover them up so that no one was able to find them.

Shibuki is standing in front of his army.

"You bastards! How dare you play so dirty."

"It's not dirty, it's strategy. But that doesn't matter now. You are outnumbered so give up now and we'll let all of you live." said Jiraiya

He was about to blow up of anger, but then he saw F.

"You bitch, come back here immediately! How dare you ally yourself with the enemy."

"Shibuki why are you talking like this?"

"Shut up you bitch. You are our village Jinchuuriki and you dared to go to another village. I've you want to stay there so bad, give me back the Seven-Tails and fork off!"

"Shibuki what has gotten into you. Why are you suddenly acting like this?"

"You're really naive. I've always been like this. Did you really think anyone would like a monster like you? Let me show you what happens to traitors. ATTACK!" Shibuki yelled

'My clone is such a good actor.'

He and his army immediately started moving and came at us. But before they were able to make it a head flew into the air. I arrived next to F and covered her eyes before she could see anything.

"It's me. It will be better if you don't look right now."

"LEADER!" the Takigakure army screamed

Shibuki was lying on the floor headless with Itachi standing next to him. This is the real Shibuki. My clone disappeared and Itachi appeared with an unconscious Shibuki and beheaded him all in a second, making it look like Itachi just appeared and killed Shibuki.

"You bastard! How dare you play so dirty!" said one of the Takigakure Shinobi

I had my clone take F somewhere else without her being able to see anything.

"Itachi your work here is done. Go home and take a rest."

"Yes sir."

He left before anyone could stop him.

"So Takigakure what will it be? Are you going to fight till death or surrender?" I asked

"Don't underestimate us! We will kill all of you, even if we have to sacrifice our lives!" said one of the Takigakure Shinobi

'I didn't expect them to go this far, but whatever. Since everyone knows that I'm here I can't just leave.'

"Since you guys wanted this don't expect me to hold back. Everyone, you better stand back."

All the Konoha Shinobi started retreating back.

'Kurama let's do this.'

'I'm ready.'

I started growing and before I knew it I was transformed into Kurama. Since I have both Kurama's yin and yang, I'm able to transform into his real form.

'Damn, you are pretty strong.'

'Of course, I'm the strongest of all the Tailed Beasts."

'Shut up fox!'

'You want to go, Monkey?'

'You guys can argue later, we need to take care of business first.'

Everyone on the battlefield looked shocked, especially Jiraiya. A lot of Konoha's Shinobi looked afraid and I could see a bit of anger in their eyes.

"Why are all of you afraid? It's still me so you don't have to worry about your worst nightmares coming true."

I looked at the Takigakure Shinobi.

"Let's see if you guys still dare to talk big after I'm done with you."

A black ball started forming in my mouth and I could see and feel all the despair coming from them. Before I could finish forming the Tailed Beast Ball they threw away their weapons and started begging for mercy.

"How pathetic!"

I made the Tailed Beast Ball smaller and shot it at the right side of their army, taking out half of them.

I transformed back into myself.

"I already asked you to surrender, but you guys told me that you would rather die. So don't get mad when I take you up on that offer. I will be kind today and let the rest of you live if you surrender right now."

They fell down on their knees.

"We surrender!"

"YEAH!!!" Konoha's shinobi started cheering

"Good, at least you guys aren't totally stupid. From today onwards Takigakure belongs to Konoha. If you guys behave yourselves, I promise that I will treat this village-like my own. Jiraiya I leave the rest to you."

"Yes sir."

I walked out of the village.

'Why did you kill half of them? I thought you wanted peace.' asked Son Goku

'I already gave them a chance to surrender, but they didn't want to listen. Why should I show mercy? And about the peace part. Peace isn't something accomplishable if nobody takes you seriously.'

'You must have had a messed up past to become so ruthless.'

'I guess I have the orange furball to thank for that.'

'It wasn't my choice to be sealed inside of you so blame that on your parents.'

'I was just joking. No need to get your feelings hurt.'

'So what are you going to do with Takigakure?' asked Son Goku

'I'll make it an extension of Konoha.'

'Does that mean you'll treat them like you threat Konoha.'

'Yup. As long as I treat them better than their previous leader did they will be more willing to serve me.'

'And what are you going to do with Chmei?'

'Who is that?'

'The Seven-Tails.'

'Oh, I don't have any plans for her. I really just helped F because I wanted to be nice.'

'Like I'll believe that. You must have something planned, right fox.'

'Yeah, you don't do something if it doesn't benefit you.'

'Hahaha, you guys know me so well. But don't worry I won't hurt them. I'm a nice person after all.'

'Hahaha!' they both started laughing