Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 49

Volume 1 Chapter 49

[1 day later]

I'm at Ichiraku with Shikamaru and Hinata. I was already on my third bowl.

"Ey Naruto."

"What is it Shikamaru?"

"Why did you have us sneak into Takigakure when you were able to easily take out half of their entire army."

"I would feel lonely if I went alone."

"That is your reason for preparing an army of 5.000 men?"


"Why did you become Hokage again?"

"Because my Naruto is amazing!"

"You tell him Hinata."

"Urgh, why do I always have to be the third wheel."

"I can get you a date with that blond chick if you want. Then we can go on a double date."

"Stop joking."

"Whatever, just know that I'll always be rooting for you two."

"How troublesome."


After finishing at Ichiraku I went to my hidden lab. After entering my lab I could see a lot of pods filled with a liquid. In the middle, there is a white arm and in the other tubes are vials with blood.

The one I'm interested in today is the pod that has a frozen vial in it. This is Haku's blood. I managed to change its DNA to match mine. So now I can inject myself with it without being hurt.

It took me a long time to figure out how this DNA stuff worked, but I got some useful information from Orochimaru's memories and Tsunade has been giving me some lessons.

I drained out the liquid from the pod and took out the frozen vial. It started to freeze my hand, but I was able to stop it with a small fire jutsu. I poured the modified blood inside a syringe and had a clone inject it into my vein.

I started to feel really cold, but I didn't let that bother me. I stood still and let all the cold chakra travel through me. I made it go through my body at least a hundred times before I started to warm up. Then suddenly I got completely encased in ice, but I didn't feel cold at all.

'This is like when I got the Lava Release from Son Goku.'

I tried to pull the ice back into my body and it worked. I held out my hand and tried to use it again. My hand started to let out ice.



Strength: high-level Kage

Dexterity: high-level Kage

Chakra: high-level Kage (Without the Kyubi)

Chakra control: 98% (Mastering each Nature transformation is 1%)

Affinity: Wind, Lightning, Water, Earth, and Fire

Kekkei Genkai: Lava Release, Ice Release

'This was to easy. Now that I know how it works I can easily do the same for the others.'

I went to where Haku was staying.

"Hello, master."

"Follow me to the training room."

"Yes, master."

We went to the training room and I stood opposite of him.

"Show me all your Ice Jutsus."

We have spared a lot so he got right into it.

He shot a lot of Ice needles my way, but I easily dodged them.

"Do it again."

This time I sent my own Ice needles canceling out most of his, but a couple still made it through. I managed to dodge them, but he got scr.a.p.ed by a couple because he was so shocked.

"Master, how did you?"

"What do I say. I'm just a genius."

"You're so amazing, master."

"I know I know. But help me out and teach me some Ice Release Jutsus."

"Of course, I'll teach you everything I know."

[Time skip to the beginning of Shipuden]

I'm in my office when someone knocked onto my door.



"Come in."

It was one of the Mail guys.

"I have an emergency letter from Suna."

He gave me a scroll and after reading it I burned it.

"You're dismissed."

"Yes sir."

He left the office and I created and extra clone and left the office. I ran out of the village and started running towards a tracking seal that I placed on Gaara during the Chunin exam.

Gaara has been abducted by the Akatsuki. I started running to the Land of Wind with my max speed.

My speed soared and in 2 hours I was already in the Land of Wind. I stopped using the chakra mode and started sneakingly running towards the cave. I arrived 30 minutes later at the cave.

I was easily able to deactivate all the seals. I used sage mode to destroy the rock. After the rock was destroyed I could see a giant statue with the 10 Akatsuki members.

'Huh? Why don't I feel Shukaku inside of Gaara anymore?'

'He is inside of the statue and Gaara is already dead.' said Kurama

'I see. It seems like someone has delayed the mail from coming to me. Then I have only one option left.'

"How did you find this place?" asked Deidara

I didn't say anything. I jumped on the statue and before anyone could do anything I placed my hand on its head.

This Jutsu directly sends the chakra inside of anything I touch inside of me.

I grabbed Gaara and ran out of there. Since only Deidara and Sasori are here in person, they were the only ones that are able to chase me. But with my speed, they didn't stand a chance.

When I felt like I was a safe distance away from them I created a cave in the mountain and went inside it. I sealed the entrance and put seals all over the place so nobody could find us.

I placed Gaara down and made the cave deeper. When I thought it was deep enough I sat down. Suddenly Shukaku's Chakra started enveloping me.


'Damn this hurts.'

The reason why I didn't use the Tailed Beast Extraction Jutsu before is because of the backlash. Having that massive amount of chakra going through my body could almost be deadly if I wasn't used to Kurama and Son Goku's chakra.

The reason I didn't get a backlash from getting them sealed inside of my body is mostly because they got transferred directly into my seal. But Shukaku's chakra got poured directly into my body.

After calming down Shukaku's Chakra I summoned a clone and had it make another seal on my arm. After he finished it I sent all of Shukaku's chakra into the Seal. I could finally relax.

'Yo Shukaku.'

'You brat! How dare you seal me inside of you!'

'Kurama and Son Goku will explain everything, but I have something important to do.'

I walked towards Gaara and took out a Stasis Seal. I opened it and a guy fell out of it. He is a bandit that I imprisoned for moments like these. I completely altered his memories so he will do anything I say.

"Revive him."

He walked towards Gaara and put both his hand on Gaara's stomach.

His hand turned blue and after a minute he fell down dead. I sealed him away before Gaara could see him. I used a small water jutsu to pour water over his face.


"Calm down."

"Naruto? Wasn't I abducted by the Akatsuki?"

"Yeah you were, but I had to risk my life to get you out of there. Do you know how dangerous it is to be in a room with 10 S-class Shinobi?"

"Thank you for helping me. I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble."

"I was just kidding. We are friends. No matter what we have to have each others back."

"Again, thank you so much."

"Let's just go back to your village before someone finds us."


We left towards Suna.