Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1 Chapter 5

[Damn you guys are really pissed of about his chakra. I thought it would be fine since he doesn't really need it until he was a Genin. But it doesn't seem like you guys like it that way. Since I'm such a nice guy and it doesn't really matter that much I have changed his chakra level at the other chapters. I hope you guys are happy. I'm new to this whole writing thing, so I'm still learning. Well, I hope you guys like this chapter.]



Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 8


Strength: normal-level Genin

Dexterity: normal-level Genin

Intelligence: Special Jonin

Chakra: Elite Jonin

Chakra control: 68%



- Expert Water walking Lv 3/15 22.46%

- Intermediate Cooking Lv 20/25 34.65%

- Intermediate Kunai&Shurikenjutsu Lv 19/25

- Intermediate Trap Making Lv 5/25 18.92%

- Expert Stealth Lv 2/25 1.03%

- Basic Chakra Sensing Lv 9/25 14.22%

- Basic Finjutsu Lv25/25 MAX



- Sealing: Chakra Draining Seal

- Sealing: Storage Extension

- Sealing: Safeguard

- Sealing: Glyph of Pressurization

My Strenght and my dexterity took the biggest leap. Even if they are at Genin I still have 4 years to improve my body and I know just the guy who can help. My intelligence also increased a lot. I know a lot of strategies that I cant wait to try out.

I feel that my chakra is close to low Kage level. My chakra control increased by 62%. It was easier than I thought and it seems like my theory was correct. Every skill has a basic level and every time you max out the skill and you start to do a more complicated version of the skill, it will get upgraded. I know that there is basic, intermediate, and expert.

What I didn't expect was that water walking only has 15 levels, and every level is +1 in chakra control. If the next level is the same I'll be left with 5%. I knew that getting perfect chakra control would be hard since even Tsunade's isn't perfect.

I have been training my skills a lot. Sneak was made things easier. I was able to steal kunai and shuriken from a weapons shop. This body was practically made for sneaking around. If Naruto didn't have those orange clothes and there weren't any sensor ninja in the vicinity he could have been one of the best in infiltration.

Which gets me to another skill, Chakra Sensing. I unlocked it one day when I was working on my chakra control. While I was trying to sense if the chakra I was using was right I suddenly sensed something in the bushes. When I wanted to check it out I suddenly heard a ding.


[Skill Basic Chakra Sensing learned]

I was really happy with that skill. But I haven't been able to really advance in it. I'll have to ask a sensor ninja if he can help me.

Trap making came from learning with Shikamaru's father. And cooking increased for obvious reasons.

And then we have Finjutsu.

[Flashback 2 years ago.

Hokage Office]

Naruto and the Hokage were sitting in the office. Hiruzen was smoking his pipe while looking at the blond kid and thinking.

'He has changed a lot in 1 year. He isn't so loud anymore and he even became the best in his class. He aced everything. I wonder what made him take this more seriously. But he is still a kid. They can change their mind any minute. I hope he stays like this. If he stays like this he'll be able to become a great shinobi.'

"Hey Jiji am i from the Uzumaki clan."

"Yes you are. How did you know about them."

Even if they were Konoha's allies and the clan feared by almost all, they have been slowly forgotten. So it is understandable that Hiruzen was surprised that Naruto knew about it since he was so young.

"The library of course. The academy had a book about a lot of clans."

"I see well that explains it."

"I read that they specialized and were the best in Finjutsu."

"That is correct. They were so good in Finjutsu that it took 3 villages to destroy them."

"Do you know Finjutsu Jiji?"

"Well I have learned a thing or two about Finjutsu, yes."

Actually Hiruzen Sarutobi was an expert in Finjutsu since he is able to remove seals as powerful as the Five Elements Seal.

"Do you think you can teach me. I really like Finjutsu. I have even trained my calligraphy since I read that that is needed to be able to use Finjutsu."

"Hm, it was smart of you to think about improving the calligraphy. Even one wrong line can end up in your seal exploding. Come and show me at what level your calligraphy is."

He pulled out a scroll and the utensils for Finjutsu out of his drawers and gave them to Naruto. Naruto immediately started to write. Hiruzen looked surprised.

'He is already able to learn the basics at this level. Uzumaki's are really scary.'

"Hm, your calligraphy is at a good level, but that is only for the basics. I have a book about the basics of Finjutsu. You should read everything carefully. If you have any questions you can come to me. And if you can show me that you mastered this book and improved your calligraphy to a good enough level I will give you the second part."

"Really!? Thank you so much Jiji."

Hiruzen smiled at naruto.

'It is technically his anyways. I'm sure that if he'll keep going like this he'll surpass both of his parents.'

"Haha, you're welcome Naruto. Be sure not to slack off at school and learn only Finjutsu."

"Don't worry Jiji, I'll easily become rookie of the year."

"I'm sure you will," Hiruzen said while smiling.

[Back to the present]

I haven't shown him my Finjutsu yet, because I wanted to perfect my calligraphy before starting the next level. My calligraphy is already at the level of a master, and I have already mastered the basic Finjutsu book. I have also made some D-Rank seals that I found in the book.

I will visit him later to get the next volume of the book. I need to go home and clean my self up. I will visit Shikamaru today to play some shogi. It helps me to stay alert so that I will never let my guard down. Even though I can beat him but he isn't a Nara for nothing. Every day he is improving and surprising me. I never know what news he will come up with next. That is why it still helps me to play Shogi with him.

After I finished showering and putting on new clothes I went to the Nara clan. The guards knew I was coming so they let me in and I got escorted by an attendant. Even if I'm friends with Shikamaru, I'm still not a part of the clan so they can't let me go unsupervised. People from the clans don't have anything against me since they are smarter than that.

I got lead to the main house where Shikamaru was waiting for me.


- Sealing: Chakra Draining Seal: The user places a seal on a person that will drain the latter's chakra, so that the user can use it himself. The target has to stay still, so it can't be used in battle.

- Sealing: Storage Extension: User stores an item or object of relatively small size within a scroll, which is then later readily accessible.

- Sealing: Safeguard: User channels chakra to etch a seal that causes seals to slip across the floor and erect a barrier.

- Sealing: Glyph of Pressurization: User channels chakra to their palm as they try to stamp a seal on a target, this glyph in particular hinders chakra manipulation.