Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 50

Volume 1 Chapter 50

After 2 hours of running, we arrived in Suna. When we arrived a lot of people came to see Gaara. Everyone was happy to see him.

He took me to his office. I sat down on the couch.

"Nice office."

"Thank you. Do you want anything to drink?"

"No, I'm fine."

I placed down a silence seal.

"Say, Gaara. Is there someone who doesn't like you?"

"Why are you asking that?"

"Well, I just got notified about you being abducted like 4 or 6 hours ago."

"That can't be! You should have heard about it on the first day."

"That's what I thought. So is there anyone who doesn't like you?"

He started thinking.

"Well there is this advisor who always gets in my way, but I don't think he would go so far."

"You shouldn't underestimate people. They can do pretty stupid stuff to get what they want."

"Yeah, I know."

"I have to go back to my village. If you need anything, you can always come to me."

"Wait, Naruto. Can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"Why do I feel Shukaku's chakra coming from you?"

"Because I sealed him inside of me. It was either that or let the Akatsuki have him. You were already dead at that point."

"What! I was dead?"

"Yup, it took me a lot of effort to get you back to life again so you better be grateful."

"I see, if it is like that I won't ask to get him back. Thank you so much for saving me."

"Oh stop it already. We are friends and friends don't need to be so formal and say thank you so much. Just have my back when I need you and we will be good."

"Alright, let me see you out to the gate."

"Nah it's good, I need to go home quickly. Bye."

"Goodbye. I'll come and visit you next time."

"I'll be waiting then."

I disappeared.

I was running back to Konoha when I remembered something. I focused on the sand and it started floating.

'So this is Magnet Release.'

I created a storage seal that is 50m on both my wrists. I started gathering all the sand around me into the seals. After I was done I was standing in a huge hole.

'This should be enough for a long time.'

I started running to Konoha again.

'So Shukaku, do you understand everything?'

'Listen up brat. The moment you sleep I'll take over and kill everyone you love!'

'Hahaha, this is the reason that you are the only one who is behind bars. You do remember what I did with Gaara's seal right?'

'Don't think I won't be able to break out of it.'

'Ey Kurama, Son Goku, I won't be able to guarantee his safety if he keeps yapping like this.'

'Don't worry, we will take care of him.' said Kurama

Kurama and Son Goku appeared inside Shukaku's seal.

'Ey what are the two of you thinking of doing!'

'Just stay still. We will be done in a second.' said Son Goku


'Damn it, I forgot popcorn again.'

When I arrived at Konoha it was already dark. I just went straight home. My clones do all the work anyway. And I need to be up early tomorrow to finish some business.

[Next day]

It's 6 am and I'm already leaving Konoha. I'm on my way to Kumo. This is the village that has both the Two-Tails and the Eight-Tails. They are also the ones who tried to kidnap Hinata for her Byakugan.

[3 days later]

I finally arrived in Kumo. I tried to walk through the gate, but I got stopped by the guards.

"Who are you and what is your business here?"

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, the 5th Hokage of Konohagakure so have some respect when you talk to me."

"His face immediately paled."

"I'm really sorry for not recognizing you sir."

"May I know what I can help you with?"

"I came to see the Raikage."

"Could you please wait here for a moment sir. I need to tell the Raikage before I can let someone with your power enter our village."

"There is no need."

I leaked out my chakra making the ground cave in and the guards got pressed onto the ground. It didn't take long for the Raikage and Killer B to arrive.

"You have guts to act like that in front of my village."

"Relax, I just came here to have a chat with you."

I walked past him and I started walking towards the Raikage Tower.

"B, let's see what he wants. If we fight in the village a lot of people would die."

I'm sitting in his office.

"So what do you want?"

"Do you remember that one time when you tried to kidnap the Hyuga princess?"

"What are you talking about? We didn't try to kidnap anyone."

"Oh really? Well, can you explain to me why when I went through the Kumo ninja's memories I found that you were the one who told him to kidnap here."

"How dare you dig up someone's body in my village!"

"That is beside the point. You tried to kidnap a princess from my village and because of you, someone else from that clan had to die. I'm not like the old man, I'm not afraid to go to war. You must have heard what happened in Takigakure."

"Are you threatening me?"


"You're still a brat after all. Just because you managed to defeat a minor village, you suddenly think that you can take on one of the five hidden villages alone."

He started leaking his chakra and a lot of killing intent making everything around him shake and crack. But I didn't back down and leaked even more chakra and killing intent.

"You can either give me a suitable compensation or we will fight right her right now."

"You bastard!"

He stopped his chakra and killing intent and I did the same.

"What do you want?"

"I want the Kohaku no Jhei."

(AN: It's that big orange pot that can seal people inside of it.)

"I dare you to follow me outside the village!"

"Nah, I like it here."

Suddenly Killer B made his move. He used his tentacles to bind me.

"Hahaha. Hey Eight-Tails, are you really going to challenge me?"

He took over Killer B's body.

"Even if you've been able to take some of his power, there is no way you could match our combined strength."

"Hahaha, it seems like you have misunderstood something."


My head dropped down and when I looked back up I had red eyes.

"Sup Gyki."

"Kurama? But how?"

"Things happened and now we are friends."

Kurama made tails and got out of the Eight-Tails binding.

"Ey Raikage, you should just give him what he wants. You won't be able to beat him now. If the Nine-Tails went all out he would be able to destroy the village. I would be able to stop him, but not before a lot of damage is done."

"Tsk. Ey brat, come back."

I took my body back.

"So have you decided?"

"Wait here, I'll go and get it."

He left the room.

"How did you do it?"

"Do what?"

"How did you get that stubborn fox to become friends with you?"

"Oh that, it was easy. I just gave him the most freedom I could give him and he slowly started trusting me."

"It was that easy?"

"He just had trust issues and he was also really lonely."

'Shut up, brat!'

'Aww, are you getting embarrassed?'

He didn't reply.

"So why do you want the Kohaku no Jhei?"

"I can't tell you that."

A couple of minutes later the Raikage walked in with a big orange pot. He threw it to me.

"You better not expect things to go like this the next time. I will kill you, even if people will get hurt."

"Don't worry, I hope we can be friends after today. Since I'm such a good friend I'll give you some advice. Hide the Two-Tails."

"What are you talking about?"

"You must know about the Akatsuki. A couple of days ago they tried to go after the One-Tails, but they didn't succeed. So they will come after the Two-Tails next."

"Why do you think that?"

"Are you stupid? What comes after one?"

"How dare you call me dumb!"

"Whatever. I warned you so it's up to you what you'll do with this information. I will see myself out."

I sealed the pot inside a scroll and I walked out of his office. I started walking out of the village.

Arriving at the gate I could see that they have replaced the guards. I walked out of the village and started heading back to Konoha.

[Raikage P.O.V]