Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 51

Volume 1 Chapter 51

'That brat has balls to come into my office and threaten my village like that. He even dared to ask to become friends.'


"Yes sir?"

"Declare Konoha as an enemy village."

"Shouldn't you talk to the council about that."

"Didn't you hear me!"

"I understand sir."

She left my office.

'I swear that you'll regret the day you set foot in this village!'

[1 week later]

I was in my office when someone stormed in.

"Mabui, did you forget how to knock!"

"I'm sorry sir, but this is important. Yugito Nii is fighting with the Akatsuki."

"What! Were?"

"At the sewer gathering building."

I started running to the sewer building, but when I arrived there was no one to be found. I could only see broken buildings.

'Damn it! This place was too far from my office. I couldn't sense what was happening here.'

C and Darui appeared beside me.

"We heard what happened sir." said Darui

"Go and find them immediately! Don't come back without Yugito Nii."

"Yes sir!" x2

They disappeared.

'Why didn't I be more careful? That brat did warn me.'

Mabui finally managed to catch up.

"What should we do sir?"

"There is nothing we can do, but search for her."

"Shouldn't we ask another village for help?"

"Of course not. They will only try to trick us."

"But Konoha seems to know a lot about them. Didn't the Hokage say that they will come for her next."

"You must be crazy if you think I'll ever ask that brat for help!"

"I'm sorry sir."

"Now go and tell every able Shinobi in this village to go search for her."

"Yes sir."

She left.

[Naruto P.O.V.]

"What is it Itachi?"

"The Two-Tails has been abducted."

"I see. Well, I did warn them. Where are they?"

"They are hiding in a cave in the Land of Lightning. Haku is watching them."

I sent a message to Haku.

'Do you think you can handle them?'

'I'm not a 100% sure.'

'Do you think you can at least get her out of there?'

'That will be easy sir.'

'Alright, take her out of there immediately. I'm coming to you right now.'

'Yes sir.'

"Itachi I will go back Haku up. In the meantime I want you to find the location of the three tails."

"Consider it done sir."

"Good. then I'll be going now."

I created an extra clone and disappeared out of the office. I appeared outside the village.

I disappeared toward the Land of Lightning. I started following the seal I had placed on Haku.

[4 hours later]

I finally closed in on their location. I turned my chakra cloak off and started running normally. 10 minutes later I appeared before a mountain.

'Haku I'm in front of your cave. Open up.'

Suddenly an entrance appeared on the mountainside.

I walked in and could see the Two-Tails Jinchuuriki lying on the floor.

"Haku, you did a good job. You can go home and rest now."

"Thank you, sir."

He walked out of the cave and disappeared. I put a couple of extra seals to make sure nobody is able to find us.

I sat down next to the Jinchuuriki and put my hand on her seal. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I was in her mindscape. I was standing opposite the Two-Tails.


"Why did you save her?"

"Because I want you."

"Don't think I'll let you have me so easily."

I summoned Kurama, Son Goku, and Shukaku behind me.

"Are you saying that you want to fight?"

She didn't back down.

"Don't think I'll be scared because you've got some backup."

"You're as fierce as ever." said Son Goku

"Shut up, you big ape."

"Ey Naruto, let me have this one."

"Calm down. Ey Two-Tails, let's make a deal."

"What deal?"

"If you join me willingly, I promise that she will survive."

"Are you taking me for a fool! Once I get extracted from her she will die."

"You can ask these 3 if I'm capable of pulling it off or not."

She looked at the three behind me and they nodded.

"Do you really think I'll accept that easily?"

"If you join me I promise that you will be able to meet your father again."

"WHAT!?" x4

"Naruto do you even know what you're saying or who you are talking about?" asked Kurama

"I swear that if you join me you will be able to meet Hagoromo tsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths."

"He is already dead. How can we meet him again?" asked Shukaku

"His body may have died, but his soul is immortal."

"Fine I'll join you, but if you don't fulfill both of your promises I will self destruct!"

"Wait you guys can do that?"

"Yeah." said Kurama

"Sure whatever, I'm not a liar."

I excited her mindscape. I summoned a clone and he made another seal on my left arm. Shukaku is on my right arm.

The clone put his hand on both our seal.

Blue chakra started pouring in my seal. A little bit later he was done and dispersed. The Two-Tails appeared inside my seal and it's jinchuuriki is dead.

'You bastard! Did you think I was bluffing!'

'Calm down, I'm not done yet.'

I took out a stasis scroll and another bandit appeared out of it.

"Revive her."

"Yes sir."

A minute later he fell down dead. I sealed him away and put a paralyze seal on her.

'It's too bad this jutsu can't be used after someone has been dead for more than 12 hours.'

I summoned another clone. He grabbed her and disappeared.

'Are you happy now? She is alive and I'm even bringing her home personally.'

'I will give you my full support in the future.'

'That is good to hear. I hope you can get comfortable in your new home.'

[Clone P.O.V.]

I'm on my way to Kumo. I'm carrying the ex Two-Tails Jinchuuriki.

[2 hours later]

I arrived in front of the gate and I leaked out my chakra before the guards could say anything.

The Raikage appeared at the gate in an instance. I placed the ex Jinchuuriki on the ground and took off the paralyze seal. I started walking away.

"Stop! why did you bring her here?" asked the Raikage

"I have a soft spot for Jinchuuriki."

"Huh!? What happened to the Two-Tails!"

"Why should I tell you? We are enemies after all."

"Tell me, you bastard!"

He appeared in front of me and I looked at him with a bored face.

He punched me in the face at his maximum speed. But what he hoped would happen didn't happen. Instead of my head caving in I dispersed. I'm just a clone after all.


[Naruto P.O.V.]

'Hahahaha, that guy is really funny.'

I was running to Konoha at a normal speed. I want to enjoy the scenery more.

'5 down 4 more to go.'