Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 53

Volume 1 Chapter 53

[1 week later]

I'm standing in front of the Three-Tails. Itachi managed to find him for me.


"What do you want fox?"

"I'm not the orange furball, I'm Naruto Uzumaki."

"It's the same. So what do you want?"

"You must understand why I'm here."

"To think I would have to fight when I just got back to live."

"Who said we have to fight? If you join me I'll give you a lot of freedom."

"How much?"

"As much as I can give you."



"Are you deaf? I said I'll let you seal me inside of you."

"Why did you agree to me so easily?"

"There will be no one else that will give me so much freedom.

"And what if I'm lying?"

"The fox didn't warn me so you must have been telling the truth."

"I see, well I can't complain about things going easy,"

'I think that this guy is just to lazy to fight.'

I summoned a clone and the Three-Tails lowered its head right in front of me. My clone made another seal on my left leg. He touched my seal and the Three-Tails head.

The Three-Tails started to turn into blue chakra and went into my seal. A minute later he was completely sealed.

'Welcome to your new home.' said Son Goku

'Huh, what are all of you guys doing here?'

'We are all in the same boat.' said Son Goku

'To think even Shukaku is free inside of here.'

'Well we did have to give him a rough beating first, but as you can see it worked.'

'Hahahahaha, poor guy.'

I started running back to Konoha.

'This shit is getting boring. I thought tailed beasts were hard to capture.'

I stopped.

"Stop hiding, Black Zetsu."

"Haha, you really are good."

"What do you want?"

"Shouldn't that be obvious?"

"Well, I can't keep count on everything I've taken from you."

"Hahaha, I just came here today to warn you about something. You should know that you aren't the only one in this universe."

"Are you talking about the tsutsuki?"

"I don't know how you know so much, but if you know their name, you should also know about their power."

"What about it?"

"Are you that arrogant? Well, no matter. I just came to tell you that they will be visiting here very soon."

"And how do you know that?"

"It's because I called them here."

"Are you their boss or something."

"No, but knowing about a world were chakra was able to develop to such an extent did intrigue them. They will come here to take all the chakra and free Kaguya tsutsuki."

"I see, well I'll just deal with them when they come here."

"You are really arrogant. Did you know that besides the tsutsuki there are others as well and if I were to rank the tsutsuki on power level from the others they would be ranked pretty low."

'What? I didn't know about there being other beings.'

"How strong is the strongest?"

"I can't tell you that, but if you join me I will promise that you and the people you care about will stay safe."

"Hahaha, so this was your plan. I found it weird why you would tell me so much information, but it seems like you wanted to scare me so I would come to seek protection from you."

I disappeared and appeared above him. I punched down, but he managed to go into the ground. I hit the ground and a crater with a 50m diameter appeared.

"If you think you can scare me that easily, you definitely don't know me. So f.u.c.k of and leave me alone."

His chakra disappeared and I started running back towards Konoha again.

'Is what he said really true? Are there really beings out there who are far stronger than the tsutsuki? This sounds like a stupid plot where I have been sent to a lower world so I can become stronger and move on to stronger worlds.'

I started speeding up towards Konoha.

'Ey guys, do you know about this?'

'The old man never told us about anyone else.' said Kurama

'Yeah, he may have thought that we would never meet them. He did say that this is a small world.' said Son Goku

'I guess it's time for me to meet that old geezer.'

'Speak with respect.' said Shukaku

'Calm down.'

I sped up towards Konoha.

After arriving at Konoha I went to the Hokage mountain and jumped on my face. I checked if someone was looking at me. Not finding anyone I channeled chakra under my feet making a trap door open beside me. A staircase appeared. Arriving at the bottom of the staircase I could see a big hollow cave. It's big enough to fit a Tailed Beast.

This is the place where I practice all my jutsus. I placed a powerful barrier around here so nobody knows I'm even here and the mountain doesn't get damaged.

I went to the middle of the cave and stood still. I closed my eyes and focused on a feint foreigner chakra signal that I was able to sense for a while.

After focusing on it for a long time I suddenly appeared in an empty place. All I could see was the water on the ground and an old man floating in front of me.



"You really are an old geezer. Don't you even know how to speak like a normal person?"

He closed his eyes for a little bit.


"You learn fast."

"Thank you, so why have you come here."

"I came here to ask about the world outside. I heard that there are beings that are stronger than your mother's clan."

"I don't know where you've heard this, but that is indeed true."

"Do you know anything about them?"

"My mother didn't tell me much, only that there are stronger beings out there."

"Tsk, I wasted my time coming here."

"Wait, young man. I can see that you have earned the trust of most of my children so I will give you some of my power to help you out."

I felt myself getting enveloped with power. I immediately understood what I could do with this power.

"Thank you for this power, let me repay you."

Suddenly every Tailed Beast that was sealed inside of me appeared behind me.

"Father!" x5

The ran towards him.

"My children, you have all grown up so much."

"I guess I'll leave you guys alone."

His left arm got grabbed by a chain.

"Naruto! What do you think you're doing!" said Kurama

"Calm down Kurama. These chains are holding his soul here so that he won't disappear."

"Your such a caring young man."

"It's nothing. I'll let you meet the other four another time. Bye."

I left that place.

'Let's test out this power.'

I used it without Kurama's chakra so I didn't turn yellow or orange. My eyes turned orange with a black plus in the middle. I also had those black balls behind me.

'Let's test out the fun part.'

My feet left the ground and I started levitating. I started flying around the cave at max speed.

'Damn this is so cool.'

I landed back in the middle. Let's check out some jutsus.

I placed my hands around my mouth without using any seal. I breathed in and when I breathed out, the entire path in front of me got destroyed.

'This jutsu became at least 5 times stronger. But this won't be enough to beat those new alien threats. Even if they will never appear, I'm too curious to sit here without ever meeting them.'