Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 54

Volume 1 Chapter 54

[1 week later]

I'm in the cave throwing a lot of weird-looking kunai around me.

'It better work this time.'

I disappeared. I appeared at every kunai before I appeared back in the middle.

'Finally, I have completely mastered and improved this technique.'

That bastard made it so no one but him could use that technique. Not even someone with his blood could. I had to completely reverse engineer this shit and create a new version on my own. It took me almost 3 months to get it where it is now.

But it wasn't all a waste of time. I now know exactly how this technique works and it made it easier to improve things. I can teleport without any streaks behind me. I can also make it so that the marks cannot be seen or sensed by anyone other than me.

In this week I have also completely gotten used to the Six Paths Sage Mode and normal Sage Mode. I can now enter it while running and it will automatically absorb the natural energy around me.

The Seven-Tails has also visited the old man. The ones inside me can freely travel to the place he is staying at. I can see that Shukaku visits the old man the most.

I stood still for a second.

'So you have finally decided to show yourself, Han.'

I just got the memories from a clone of mine who is at my office. I took the stairs and exited from my training place. I disappeared and appeared outside the village.

I instantly took off into the skies. I arrived above the clouds and started flying towards the Land of Earth.

30 minutes later I was able to sense his chakra. The spies I have in Iwa told me that he was going on a solo mission.

I started flying even faster. I went directly for his head. We are in a dense forest so it was difficult for him to see me. I appeared beside him. I grabbed his head and slammed it down with all my strength.

A crater with a 20m diameter appeared under his head or should I say log.

"You are pretty good."

I stopped using Six Paths Sage Mode.

"Why did you attack me?"

"I'm here for the Five-Tails."

"Don't think you'll beat me so easily."

"Less talking more fighting."

I started running towards him.

Steam started coming from his body. I tried to punch him but he dodged. He jumped at me and tried to punch me in the head. But I managed to dodge him and I landed a hit on his left rib.

'Hm, his rib didn't break. He is stronger than I thought.'

He came at me again. We started trading hits.

He started releasing a lot of steam and then suddenly a fist appeared in front of my face.


He landed a clean hit on my face and I got send back really far. I hit a lot of trees when I finally stopped after going through twenty trees. But he didn't let me rest and again appeared in front of me.

He started releasing a lot of steam again and then he kicked me straight on the top of my head. My head got smacked on the ground creating a crater under me.

His right arm turned red and pinned me down to the ground.






I appeared from behind a tree while clapping.

"Good job, you managed to defeat my clone."


"And now you die!"


A huge explosion appeared. I was standing out of its range. When the smoke was about to clear something red came flying at me.

Before he could hit me I created a shield with one of the black orbs. His attack got blocked and I used another ball to make a spear.


I stabbed right through his stomach.


He jumped back his wound started sizzling and he got another tail.

'He has 3 tails now. I'll just finish this quickly.'

I created a mace and appeared before him. I grabbed it with two hands and struck him right under his chin, sending him into the air. I appeared above him. I created a huge hammer and slammed it right on his face. He hit the ground with the back of his head first.

He is laying flat on the ground with his face towards me. I created 5 spears and used the to pin him down. 2 for his arm, 2 for his legs, and 1 for his stomach.

"So this is how I die."

"Aren't you going to beg for mercy?"

"What is the point? It's not like you're going to leave empty-handed."

"Right answer. I'll give you a present because you answered correctly."


I summoned a clone. I already prepared the seal beforehand on my right leg. He put his hand on both our seals.

1 minute later Han was dead and the Five-Tails was sealed. A lot of steam started to leave my body.

'So this is Boil Release.'

I stopped the steam and I took out a stasis seal. A bandit appeared out of it.

"Revive him."

"Yes sir."

1 minute later the bandit fell dead.

I sealed the bandit away and started to head back home.


"What is it?"

"Why did you save me?"

"I told you that I would give you a present."

I appeared at my training place.

'He is a nice guy. I would feel kinda bad if he actually died.'

[Momoshiki tsutsuki P.O.V.]

"Momoshiki-sama, what should we do about that planet?" said Kinshiki

"We don't have time right now. We'll go after this tree is finished growing. It should be ready in 3 months or so. I do wonder if it's really as interesting as that failures slave said."

"What does it matter if they are interesting or not? They are weak anyway." said Urashiki

"That slave did say that there is someone who almost has the power of a god tree."

"We have already eaten multiple god trees so there is no way that he can be a challenge."

"Who said that I consider him a challenge? I just think it would be fun to play around with him."

"I guess I'll have to wait 3 more months for the fun to begin. Well, I'll go take a nap then. All this waiting is tiring me out."

He left the room.

'Naruto Uzumaki, I hope you are as strong as he made you out to be.'