Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 55

Volume 1 Chapter 55

[1 day later]

I just woke up. Looking to my left I could see Hinata sleeping soundly. After I got a new house she came to live with me. It feels great to wake up every morning with a beauty at my side.

I carefully walked out of bed. I went into the kitchen and started preparing breakfast.

While I was busy preparing breakfast someone hugged me from behind.

"I'm sorry for waking you up."

"It's ok. I want to spend more time with you anyway."

"You're really greedy. I already spent every minute with you."

"I want to spend every second with you."



"Then does that mean I can join you in the shower?"

She hugged me even tighter and whispered in my ear.

"Whenever you want."

I turned my head around and kissed her.

"You pervert. Go and sit while I make breakfast."

"How disappointing."

I finished breakfast and we started eating.

"Hey babe, would you like to go on a date?"

"Of course!"

"Where do you want to go?"

"I want to go to the clouds!"

"You sure?"


"Well don't come crying to me if you're going to shit your pants."

"Hahaha, you sound like you can actually get me to the clouds."

I just smirked.

We finished breakfast and changed our clothes. We stood on our balcony.

"What are we doing here?"

I didn't say anything and held her in a princess carry.

"Don't start screaming because I won't listen to you."


"Wait why did your eyes change and what are those balls?"

"Here we go."

I started slowly flying up.

"Wait you can fly!?"

"Hold on tight."

She immediately grabbed onto me with everything she has. I started speeding up when at one moment we completely disappeared.


When we appeared again we were above the clouds.

I looked at Hinata. She has her face burrowed in my chest.

"Are you still alive?"

She looked at me. I thought she was about to start screaming.

"That was so awesome!"

"You scared me for a second."

I levitated right above the clouds and made the black balls create a platform in the clouds. I stood on the platform and it looked like I was walking on the clouds. I put Hinata down next to me.

"Let's start our date."

She grabbed my hand and we started walking and chatting on the clouds.

"You're really incredible, babe." said Hinata

"So are you."

"But I couldn't compare myself to you."

"If it wasn't for you I would have long ago walked the wrong path. I may have even destroyed this village."

"Why did you have so much hate inside of you?"

"Who knows? Maybe it was because of the stupid villagers or maybe I'm just born F***ed up in the head."

"Don't say that. I'm sure that you weren't born this way. It's only normal for someone with your past to hate others."

"As long as I have you and Shikamaru I will never feel like that ever again. Even if everyone is against me."

"You always have to mention Shikamaru. Are you two secretly doing something behind my back?"

"You're so funny. Shikamaru was the first person I could call a real friend and I know that he will never betray me. But if you're so jealous there is nothing I can do. I guess we will have to go our separate ways."

She punched me against my shoulder.

"So you're choosing your best friend over me. Maybe I should really just go."

I patted her head.

"Don't act like that. You know that it was a joke."

"It wasn't funny."

"Is it that time of the month or something?"

She punched me even harder.

"What are you talking about you idiot!"

"Hahaha, I was just joking. Say how about we have a picnic."

"But wouldn't the wind throw everything around?"

I placed a barrier around us.

"You're really amazing."

"I know."

"You should be humble you idiot."

"You call me idiot a lot lately and I can't accept that."

She stuck out her tong.

"What are you going to do about it?"

I hugged her.



"Aahh. You pervert!"

"Hahaha, you sounded like you liked it."

"Shut up you idi-."

I hugged her closer.

"I mean babe."

"That's much better."

I gave her a kiss.

"You really are the best thing to have ever happened to me. I love you so much."

"I love you even more."

I took out the picnic from a sealing scroll.

"Let's sit down and eat.'

I sat down and she sat down between my legs.

We had a great picnic and we talked a lot. When we were done the sun was already setting and since the clouds have already disappeared, we got a great few of the sun setting. We sat on the edge of the platform.

"It's so beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you."

"Can you stop flirting for just a second?"


When the sun was about to set I looked at her and she looked at me.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

I pulled her head closer and our lips touched. We kept kissing for 5 minutes. When we separated a trail of saliva still connected us.




"I'm really addicted to the taste of your lips."

"Yours taste even better." said Hinata

"Oh really? How about I let you taste them even more?"

"I would like that."

An hour passed of us fooling around. Notting over the top happened tho. She fell asleep in the end so I carried her home and placed her in bed.

(AN: Just so you guys know, they are both 16 years old.)

I took a chair and sat down on the balcony. I looked at the moon.

'Your time will come soon, Toneri.'

Suddenly I sensed something outside the village.

'He has guts to come anywhere near my village.'

I sent a message to Kakashi and Guy to take care of it. I went back into our room and went to bed.

[Kakashi P.O.V.]

I just got a message from the Hokage that Guy and I have to capture someone who is close to the village.

I met up with Guy at the gate and we were running towards the location he is supposed to be at.

When we arrived we could find no one.

"Impressive. You two managed to find where I am."

We turned around and we saw a man with a black cloak with red clouds on it and he is wearing an orange mask with one eyehole.

"So you're one of those Akatsuki guys. You better give up because we got permission to kill you." said Guy

"Hahaha, you are funny. The only ones who are dying here tonight are the two of you."

I activate my Sharingan and pulled up my headband.

"Guy, let's make this quick."


'Guy is being serious. I guess he was also able to sense that this guy isn't a pushover.'

I used all my speed and appeared behind him.

'I got him.'

"Nice try."

I passed right through him.


I jumped back beside Guy and whispered to him.

"This guy can somehow make things pass through him."

"It also isn't an illusion." said Guy

"Let's hit him at the same time."

"I'll take left." said Guy

"Alright, I'll take right then."

"What are you two planning? Do you really think you can beat me?"

'Wait isn't that!?'

I saw a red-eye with a unique pattern through the hole in his mask. While sparing with naruto I awakened my Mangeky Sharingan because I was about to die.

'That eye is the exact same as mine. He has it in his right eye and I have it in my left. Wait, don't tell me he is!'