Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 56

Volume 1 Chapter 56

He didn't say anything.

"It really is you. When I heard that you were alive and became our enemy I didn't want to believe it."

Obito shot one fireball that split into multiple. Guy and I were easily able to avoid them.

'Huh, he is gone.'

"Behind you!"

I jumped out of the way and when I looked behind me I saw Obito in a black portal with a kunai in his hand.

'What is that jutsu?'

Before Obit realized it, he got kicked in his face. He was sent back into the black portal. The portal disappeared.

"Where did he go?" asked Guy

"I can't sense him anymore."

'Come back, he ran away.' messaged the Hokage

'Sir tell us where he is. We can still capture him.'

'Come back right now.'

'Yes sir.' x2

Guy stopped using his gate technique.

"He will be an annoying opponent with that portal, but is he really Obito?"

"I'm sure of it."

"Well let's go back. Naruto must have had a reason for telling us to come back."

I nodded. I stopped using the Sharingan and put my headband back. We headed back to the village. We went to the Hokages office and knocked on the door.



"Come in."

Guy and I walked in. We stood in front of the Hokage.

"Sir why did you stop us from pursuing him? We could have taken him down."

"After doing some training you suddenly became really arrogant, Kakashi. I told you not to underestimate him. He isn't that guy who you knew. If you two were to fight I won't be able to say who will win."

"Except for that portal technique that is annoying, I don't think he is that strong." said Guy

"He just came here to test us out. He didn't come to fight seriously, but I guess you did kinda scare him with that kick."

[Naruto P.O.V.]

'Obito is much stronger than I expected. He must have started training even harder when he realized he couldn't beat me. In the original series, he was goofing around a lot. But now he is getting a lot more serious.'

"Kakashi, you've had the Mangeky Sharingan for about 3 months, right?"

"Yes sir."

"If you're able to completely master it in 1 month I'll let you go after him alone. I'll have Itachi help you out with your training."

"Thank you, sir."

"YOSH, I won't let myself be outdone by you, my eternal rival Kakashi! I will run around the village 10.000 times on my hands!"

"That's the spirit. Show Kakashi how much better you are than him!"

I looked at Kakashi and could see a fire burning in his eyes.

"You guys must be tired so go home. Goodnight."

"Goodnight sir." x2

They left my office.

'Obito has become much stronger than expected. But it's not like he is a threat. I'm sure that Kakashi and Guy could take care of him. If they can't I can also send Daichi with them. Those three should be able to beat him.'

[Next day]

I'm flying towards the Land of Water. Using the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and the Six Paths Sage Mode my sensing abilities fly through the roof. I can sense everything in this world, but if I do that I'll get a huge headache. I have to always focus on a specific target to not get a headache.

My target right now is Utakata, the Six-Tails Jinchuuriki. He is going through a forest alone. I appeared in front of him. I grabbed his head and smacked it into the ground. He got instantly knocked out.

'After fighting Han I expected more. How disappointing.'

When I was about to start extracting the Six-Tails I almost got decapitated by a scythe. I managed to stop it with two of my fingers before it reached my neck. He took his scythe back and jumped back.

I summoned a clone and had him take Utakata back to Konoha.

He disappeared without leaving a trail.

"Hidan let's go. The target disappeared so there is no use in staying here."

"Who cares about the target. Lord Jashin needs a sacrifice."

"You crazy fool!"

"Calm down, it's not like he will be able to kill me anyway."

I appeared in front of him and placed a seal on his forehead. I started pumping a lot of chakra into it.

I took the seal from his head and he fell down dead. I took Hidan's cloak and ring and sealed it away.

"What did you do! How can you kill someone who is immortal?"

"His body may be immortal, but his soul isn't."

I summoned five clones.


They disappeared.


Kakuzu fell dead on the ground with 5 holes in his body. I sealed away both of their bodies.

I told my clone to come back. One second later my clone and the unconscious Utakata appeared.

We made a cave in a mountainside and sealed it up with seals. The clone made another seal on my back. He touched our two seals.

1 minute later Utakata was dead and the Six-Tails was sealed inside of me. I summoned a bandit and had him revive him. I used the Flying Thunder God Jutsu and went back to Konoha before he woke up.

I put on Hidan's cloak and ring. I also put on a black mask. I again left Konoha but this time to the Land of Lightning. 2 hours of flying later I arrived at Kumo. I made sure to completely hide my and the Tailed Beasts chakra when I sneaked inside of Kumo.

I arrived at Killer B's training ground. I could see that he was training with his swords.

'Let's make this quick.'

I took out a kunai and left an invisible seal on it. I threw it right in front of him.


Before he could do anything I appeared in front of him.

Now he won't be able to use the Eight-Tails. He jumped back.

"Are you one of those guys from the Akatsuki? What have you done to me?"

"Don't take this personal. I'm only in it for the money."

I appeared in front of him and tried to punch him in the gut, but he blocked me with his swords.

I infused chakra in my arm and punched him again. This time when he tried to block me, he got send back. I appeared in front of him again and kept punching him. till all his swords were broken and he fell on his knees.

I stepped on his head slammed it into the ground. I stomped on his head again and again and again, till he finally fell unconscious.

'This guy is quite sturdy.'

I grabbed him.

I appeared in the training place. I summoned a clone and he made another seal on my back. After transferring the Eight-Tails to me and reviving Killer B I brought him back to Kumo. After making sure that there is nothing that will connect it back to me I went back to Konoha.

'I might as well finish this today.'

I had a clone bring F to me.

"What is it, big brother?"

"F, would it be okay if I take the Seven-Tails."

"Of course!"

"That was fast."

"I would even give you my life if you asked for it and I'm sure that Chmei would be happy to be able to talk to her father whenever she wants."

"Thank you, little sis. Don't worry I promise that nothing will happen to you."

I knocked her out with a chop to the back of her neck. I summoned a clone and he made a seal on my torso. After transferring the Seven-Tails to me and reviving F I had my clone take her home.

I suddenly got pulled to the Sage of Six Paths.

"What will you do now that you've gotten all the tailed beasts?"

"Keep training I guess."

"What is it that you're really after. You told me that you were after immortality, but I know that that isn't true."

"What do you mean? My dream is to achieve immortality and become the strongest."

"So you don't want to tell me. I just hope that you won't walk the wrong path to achieve your real dream."

"Why would I lie about my dream? I guess you are getting a little old. Maybe you should try to sleep more."

I left that place and went home.