Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 59

Volume 1 Chapter 59

"I'll kill you!"

"How will you do that without your Rinnegan's?"


Suddenly a huge explosion appeared where Kinshiki was and know he is standing in front of Momoshiki.

"Master are you okay!?"

"Take care of them."

"Yes, master."

Daichi, Tsunade, and Jiraiya appeared in front of me.

"What are you three idiots doing!? Didn't I tell you to take care of him?"

"We are really sorry sir, but we didn't expect that explosion." said Daichi

"You guys are so useless. The 5 of you will take care of the guy in the back. I'm sorry Momo, but I won't be able to entertain you today."

'Now that he can't use his Rinnegan's he won't be able to absorb our ninjutsu or Kinshiki. Those 5 should easily be able to defeat him now.'

"What did you call me you bastard!"

"I won't let any of you near Momoshiki-sama!"

I just smirked and sat back down.

He wanted to come at me with his ax, but before he could Nagato appeared before him. He held his hand in front of Kinshiki's ax and he completely absorbed it.

"You also have the Rinnegan!"

"Why are you so surprised? Did you really think you were the only ones?"

Kinshiki got launched back.

"Good work Nagato. You are way more useful than these idiots."

Tsunade suddenly jumped really high into the air. She came down with her heel towards Momoshiki. Before he could react he was already hit.

She slammed her heel into his head. He got slammed into the ground and a huge crate appeared.

"How do you like that, brat!"

"You are amazing for an old hag."

"You bastard!"

She stomped on Momo's head out of frustration. He started puking blood.

I bound him with my chains.

"Good work Tsunade. At least I can depend on you."

She had a smug face.

"Itachi and Daichi go and help Guy and the others. The rest of you go help Nagato."

"Yes sir." x5

They disappeared.

I sat down in front of Momo.

"So little Momo, I have a couple of questions for you."

[Nagato P.O.V.]

Haku, Tsunade, and Jiraiya just appeared to help me.

"I will kill all of you and get back to Momoshiki-sama."

A mountain of Ice appeared in an instant. Haku threw multiple seals on it, completely sealing him inside.

"This was easier than I thought." said Haku

"Don't celebrate too early. I can still feel him moving in there." I said

"What! Even a Kage wouldn't be able to escape that."

"Well, he isn't a Kage."


The mountain of ice got completely destroyed.

"Little tricks like that won't work on me."

I suddenly felt a different kind of chakra. When I looked to my side I saw Jiraiya with orange circles around his eyes. That must be the perfect Sage Mode that he has been bragging about.

(AN: Naruto forced him to perfect it.)

He started whispering to us.

"Haku, try to hinder his movements. Tsunade, if you see an opening, attack with full power. Nagato, take care of any weapons he creates and push him back if it gets too dangerous for me."

He disappeared and appeared in front of Kinshiki. He started engaging him in close combat. Haku used his ice to go after his feet and Tsunade kept close to find a good opening.

Kinshiki created a weapon, but I appeared close to him and absorbed it. I jumped away and Jiraiya landed a clean hit on his cheek, sending him back. Haku made an ice spike appear behind him. He got impaled and Tsunade appeared above him.

She slammed her heal on his head sending him into the ground. A huge storm cloud appeared. We all jumped back and stood beside each other.

"Did we get him?" asked Haku

"It seems like he can't move." I said

I can look through the storm cloud with my Rinnegan.

'Huh, why does he seem different? Oh no!"

"Be careful he isn't in the storm cloud. That is a clone."

'Why can't I sense him!?'

"JUMP!" screamed Jiraiya.

All of us jumped into the air. Kinshiki jumped up from the ground and punched Jiraiya away, but I pulled him back and he landed a clean hit on Kinshiki's cheek. I then pulled Kinshiki towards me.

I sent him into the ground. Tsunade jumped into the air. She was covered in lines.

'That must be the Strength of a Hundred Seal.'

She came down with her fist pulled back. Kinshiki was about to get out of the way, but he got bound down by Haku's ice.


Her punch landed right where his heart is and created a huge crater. Jiraiya Haku and I got sent flying back.

After the dust cloud disappeared, we could see Tsunade standing in the middle of a 500m diameter crater. We walked towards her and could see that Kinshiki had a huge hole where his heart was supposed to be.

"Ey guys, remind me to never piss her off." said Haku

"Hahahahahaha!" We all started laughing.

[Kakashi P.O.V.]

'This guy is a real handful. We didn't manage to get any real damage in.'


'Huh, what was that?'

"Hahaha, well so much for your friends. First your master got captured and now the big guy is dead." said Obito

Urashiki started sweating.

"I won't forget this humiliation!"

A Rinnegan with six tomoes appeared in his left eye. Suddenly a black portal appeared behind him. Before we could get to him he already jumped in and disappeared.

"NOOO! How will I be able to face Naruto now!?" screamed Guy

"Let's hurry back and tell him what happened or we will get into bigger problems." said Obito

"Yeah, you are right." I said

The 5 of us went to were Naruto is and we could see Kinshiki with a big hole in his chest and Momoshiki who is still bound by Naruto's chains.

"Euhm, sir." said Obito

"When we get back to the village I will think of a punishment."

'We are screwed!'

"Yes sir." x5

[Naruto P.O.V.]

'It's unfortunate that Urashiki managed to get away, but I know that he will come back one day.'

"Alright, there is just one more thing we need to take care of. Nagato."

"Yes sir."

He aimed his hand at the ground and someone came out of it.

I used my chains to bind the one who came out of the ground.

"So much for your reinforcements, Black Zetsu."

"How long did you know that I was here?"

"The whole time. To think you actually expected them to help you. Didn't you know that Kaguya tsutsuki has broken a lot of laws of the tsutsuki clan? But I guess that information is no longer of use to you."

I took out the Kohaku no Jhei from a scroll, but I transformed it into a sword beforehand so he wouldn't know what it is.

"Black Zetsu, are you ready to die?"

"Don't think I'll die so easily!"


The sword transformed into a large orange pot. I opened the lid.

"No, you bastard!"

"Enjoy your new home."

I released him from the chains and he got sucked into the Kohaku no Jhei. I closed the lid and sealed it back into a scroll.

I went to Kinshiki and sealed him away in a scroll. I then sat down in front of Momoshiki and grabbed his head.

"Since you didn't want to answer my questions when I asked nicely, I will not go easy on you."

In a second all his memories got transferred to me. Luckily I had made a place to store away all the memories or I would have fried my brain. I made something like a folder that isn't directly connected to my brain. I guess I have the old man sage to thank for that.

Looking through the memories I was shocked.

'Things just got so much more interesting.'

I sealed Momoshiki into a stasis scroll. He has no memories now so if I can manage to give him the right memories, he will become loyal to me. He has the power, but he doesn't have any experience in battles. If he knew how to fight, he would have been much stronger.

"Let's go back home. I will treat all of you to anything you like tonight."