Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 62

Volume 1 Chapter 62

[1 week later]

I summoned the black portal and went through it. I arrived in a huge desert, but this isn't the Land of Wind. This isn't even on that planet.

I found this planet from Momo's memories. I started walking towards a chakra signal I sensed. It seems really weak. After an hour I arrived at a camp.

I could see a huge purple guy sitting there. He was at least 3 meters (10 feet) tall. He has muscles as big as my head and he is only wearing shorts.

"Who are you?"

He talked in another language, but I managed to understand him with Momo's memories.

"I'm just a traveler."

He is from the Bunjiro clan. They are supposed to be a warrior race.

"You are not from this planet right?."

I nodded.

"Then I can kill you."

He disappeared.


He punched me in my face and I got sent flying back.

'Are you kidding me! I couldn't see or sense him.'

I activated Nine Tails Mode and Sage of Six Paths Mode.

I appeared in front of him and managed to kick him to the side of his face. He got sent flying.

"Hahahaha, this is getting interesting!"

We started trading blows. I managed to hit him a couple of times, but it seems like he didn't feel them at all. But all the times that he hit me felt like I got hit by a meteor.

'I won't win in close-quarter combat.'

I jumped in the air and he followed me.

He got hit head-on and he fell on the ground making dust fly up.

After the dust cleared I could see him stand up without a scratch.

"Is this all you can do? How pathetic."

He disappeared.


I felt some pain in my left arm. I looked at my arm and saw that it wasn't there anymore.

'Damn, this bastard!'

I grabbed my arm and put it back in its place.


'I'm on it.'

After a couple of minutes, I could use it again.

"Why did you wait for me to finish healing?"

"It's boring to fight someone who only has one arm."

"You better not regret it when I kill you."

'Are you guys ready?'

'Yes.' x9

I grew two horns and my hair turned white. A staff appeared in my hand. I didn't turn grey because I'm not the real Ten-Tails Jinchuuriki. I just mixed all the Tailed Beasts chakra together, giving me the same chakra as the Ten-Tails. My chakra and attributes also increase by a lot.

"You better be ready."

"Don't worry, I will make you death qui-"


I kicked him on top of his head making the ground cave in and he got smacked to the ground.

'Even with all this power, I didn't manage to damage him.'

I jumped back. The staff and black balls disappeared. He got back up.

"Let me show you what the pinnacle of Taijutsu looks like."

"You have guts to say that to someone from the Bunjiro clan!"

I punctured my chest with my thumb in order to direct chakra there.

I got enveloped in a Steam of Blood.

'My power increased by 100 times and with the Ten-Tails healing power I won't die from it. But I do feel the pain of my bones breaking and forcibly healing. I won't be able to hold this for long so I need to finish this quickly.'

"Hahaha, this is interesting. I can feel a lot of power coming from you. If I'm correct it's 100 times more."

'How did he know? It was my physical power that increased 100 times. My chakra didn't increase that much.'

Suddenly a purple aura surrounded him.

"This increases my power by 200 times."

'You have to be kidding me! What is this monster!? And he isn't the only one on this planet.'

He appeared in front of me and before I knew it I had a huge hole in my stomach. He went right through Kurama and Son Goku's seal. Luckily I had made it so that they would be immediately transferred to a different seal if theirs got destroyed. So they are with the Six-Tails now.

Since Kurama and Son Goku aren't in their own seal, they can't send me their chakra so the Ten-Tails mode deactivated. Now I can't heal myself.

"Now die!"

He aimed his fist at my head.

"I won't forget this humiliation. The next time you see me, I will kill you!"

I disappeared from that planet and arrived back in my training place. A clone teleported here and took out a scroll. A bandit came out of it.

"Heal me."

"Yes sir."

After a minute he fell down dead and I was completely healed. I punched the ground.

'That bastard! How can he be so strong!?'

'Who would have thought that there would be such a strong race.' said Kurama

'I don't think even the old man could take him when he was at his prime.' said Shukaku

'I could have killed him. I was just being stupid. If I went all out to kill him, he would be dead.'

'Why didn't you go all out?' asked Koku (Five-Tails)

'Because I underestimated him. The only thing I knew was his clan name and that they specialized in Taijutsu. They are lower ranked than the tsutsuki clan, but that is only because they don't meddle with others a lot so nobody really knows their strength.'

'When will you go back?' asked Son Goku

'After I create a new seal.'

[1 week later]

I finally finished creating the new seal. I have been working on this seal for longer than 3 years. I have put Kurama and Son Goku back in their own seals.

I need a lot of chakra to use this seal.

This is a seal that makes a real-world that is connected to my seal.


I fell face-first on the ground and the Ten-Tails Mode deactivated.

'All my chakra is gone! I underestimated the amount of chakra I needed to create a new world.'

My world is only 5 times the size of Konoha. I intended to make it as big as this planet, but I really underestimated how much chakra I need.

[1 hour later]

of my chakra is back.

'Ey guys I created a new home for you.'

I teleported them to the territory I made for them. I gave each of them a terrain that they like.

Now I don't need to worry about losing the Tain-Tails mode since the seal is connected to my soul. The only way that it can be destroyed is if my soul gets destroyed, but if that happens I will be dead anyway.

Even though they are in my inner world I can still use their power.

I had a clone remove all the old seals around my body.

[1 day later]

I have all my chakra back and I'm in peak condition.

'I'm gonna make you wish you were never born!'