Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 66

Volume 1 Chapter 66

[1 month later]

After the war, I sent my Shinobi to completely take over Kiri, Iwa, and Kumo. I now have control of the entire world. Only Suna is not directly controlled by me, but if I need to it will be easy.

Me, Hinata, Shikamaru, and Temari are eating barbecue at a restaurant. I teleported them to a closed room after the war and left them there for a week. They had enough food and drinks, but there was only one bed.

I looked at the two of them. Even though they are together they are still really awkward in public.

'Let's make Temari jealous. That should make the awkwardness disappear.'

I picked up a piece of meat.

"Hinata open your mouth."

She opened her mouth and I fed her the piece of meat.

"Mmh, thank you, babe."

She also took a piece of meat and started feeding me. I looked at Temari and could see that she was really jealous.

I stepped on Shikamaru's foot and pointed with my eyes to Temari and the meat. He tried to look the other way but I started to crush his feet till he picked up a piece of meat.

"Eh, Temari, open your mouth."

She looked really surprised but she was also really happy. She opened her mouth and Shikamaru fed her the meat. Temari also fed him a piece of meat.

(AN: I'm really trying my best not to make this sound weird. Maybe my mind is just f**ked up.)

"You two are really starting to look like a couple."

Temari started blushing and Shikamaru looked the other way.

"Hahaha. Hinata, do you remember when we were like that."

"What do you mean we? You were never embarrassed about anything. You even kissed me in front of my father."

"Hahaha, yeah I did do something like that. Hey Shikamaru, maybe you should kiss her in front of her brothers."

"Do you want to get me killed!"

"You are stronger than them anyway."

"Even so."

"Wait you are stronger than Gaara!?"

"He'd beat him without even trying."

"Why didn't you tell me that you were so strong!?"

"It's too troublesome."

She hit him on his head.

"You lazy bastard!"

"What are you doing Shikamaru! I'm really doing my best to make you look good."

"You are making things more troublesome for me."

"I see. Do you want me to tell her about your bad sides then so she won't be expecting too much from you?"

He looked at me with a death glare.

"Hahaha, thought so."

We finished our double date and went our separate ways. Temari is staying at Shikamaru's place for the time being and Hinata is staying with me of course.

We were walking home when I sensed something above the planet.

'How did those bastards find me? But they feel kinda different from the guy I killed.'

"Hinata can you go home first. I need to do something really quick."

"Yeah sure."

I summoned a clone to take her home. I disappeared from my spot and appeared above the planet. I found out that I can just use the tsutsuki flight instead of my Six Paths Sage Mode. It also makes me able to breathe in space.

I appeared in front of 3 big purple dudes.


"It's you!."

"Hm, do I know you?"

"You are the one who killed the prince!"

"Hm, prince? This is my first time meeting your race."

"Don't think that we are stupid! I saw you with my own eyes!"

'I see, I was too careless.'

I summoned 3 clones and threw 3 kunai beside them.

"How could you have killed the prince if you can't even ai-"

The clones appeared beside them and grabbed them.


They all disappeared.

'To think that that guy was the prince. But I didn't find anything like that in his memories. It doesn't matter. I need to kill them since they know my face."

I appeared in front of them.

"So you don't want us to fight on your planet."

"Before we start I have just one question."

"What is it?"

"Why didn't I find anything about him being a prince in his memories."

"You even went through his memories! But I guess I can answer you since you are about to die anyway. He is the son of the king's concubine. He has low talent so the king erased his memories of him being the prince and threw him out here to survive on his own. But he still has royal blood so touching him is still punishable by death."

"He is royalty huh, is that also why he has this technique that can boost his powers by 200 times?"

"Yeah, we commoners can only go as far as 50. Wait he managed to learn that technique!?"

"I thought that you guys would be dangerous, but compared to that guy you are nothing."


I got enveloped in a purple aura.



The two guys beside him fell dead with a huge hole in their chest.

"How can you use that technique!"

"Because I am a genius!"


He also fell down with a huge hole in his chest. I stopped using this technique and activated Six Path Sage Mode and Nine Tails Mode. I completely scanned everything on this planet and looked if there was someone spying on me.

I could sense 7 people who felt the same as the prince. There are 10.000 others who feel like these guys here.

'7 people in control of 10.000. How about I lower the 7 to 1. Hahahaha. This is going to be fun, but I need to get information first.'

I sealed up all the bodies in a scroll. I also made sure to erase every trace of me from this planet.

I arrived at my lab.

'Let's get to work.'

[1 week later]

I'm in my office. Guy and Lee are sitting opposite of me.

"I'm sorry sir but I can't accept your offer." said Guy

"I also won't accept this offer." said Lee

"Why not? You will be able to become 200 times stronger."

"I don't want power if I didn't achieve it with my own work." said Guy

"It's not like you'll instantly become 200 times stronger. I'm only giving you the opportunity to become stronger. To be honest, I don't even think you two will be able to do it."

Suddenly a fire rose up from their eyes.

'These guys are so easy.'

"If you accept I can give you people to fight who purely rely on taijutsu."

Their flames rose up even higher. Let's add the last little bit of oil to the flame.

"And not to mention the absolute beating you two will be able to give Kakashi and Neji."

"I graciously accept this offer!" x2

"Hahaha, that's more like it. Hey Guy, how many students do you have now?"



"Yes it's certainly nice." said Lee

"Hahaha, you are so innocent. Guy, ask if any of your students want to receive this as well."

"Yes sir."

"You two can go now. I will call you when everything is prepared. Oh, and it won't hurt so don't worry."

They bowed and left my office.

'If all of them manage to learn the technique I will have an unstoppable special unit. Maybe I should also inject some people with the tsutsuki blood. Could you imagine what would happen if I injected Itachi or the Neji with it? I will have an unbeatable army that will help me conquer this universe and most important of all, achieve my dream.'