Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1 Chapter 7

"We will start your training tomorrow. So I'll be waiting for you here at 5.30 am."

"Yes Guy-Sensei."

"YOSH, goodbye Naruto. I have a friend to find!"

"Goodbye Guy-Sensei."

After finishing my meeting with Guy-Sensei I went home. It was already late so I made dinner and went to sleep.

I woke up at 12 pm since today is Sunday. After doing my daily routine and having some breakfast. I made my way to the Hokage. Since I have already perfected my calligraphy I can finally start learning the remaining Finjutsu books.

Arriving at the Hokage tower instead of using the front entrance I put some chakra in my legs and jumped up landing in front of the Hokage office windows. The Hokage lookt at me and opened the window. After I entered he started to talk.

"Hello Naruto how have you been"

"I'm doing good Jiji. How is your body holding on?"

"What are you saying. I may not be in my prime but I can still use my body perfectly."

"Yeah whatever. So Jiji I have mastered that Basic Finjutsu Book and My calligraphy is also on a good level. So can I get the rest of the volumes?

"Hm, I thought you had given up since you haven't talked about it since I gave you the book. But its good to know that you haven't given up. Show me what you can."

He handed me the supplies and I started writing. After I was done I ended up with 4 seals. The only ones I know.

The Hokage looked surprised. Not because I could make 4 seals but because my calligraphy is better than his.

"You always keep surprising me. Now I understand what you have been doing for 3 years. But even then, you surpassed me who has lived for many years and has been praised for his good calligraphy. You will give me a heart attack one of these days if you keep surprising me."

Sighing the Hokage reach into his drawer and pulled out a sealing scroll.

"These are the remaining volumes. You need to remember not to skip any steps. Don't start a new volume if you haven't mastered the one before it. Do you understand."

The Hokage looked at me with a stern gaze.

I just nodded, said my goodbyes, and went home.

[3 months later]

I was currently lying on the floor filled with sweat. I have been training with Guy-sensei every day. From 5.30 am to 7.30 am and again from 6 pm to 10 pm. School finishes at 2 pm so I have 4 hours straight after school and 2 extra hours after training with Guy-Sensei to practice my skills and jutsus. Which means I sleep at 12 am and wake up at 5 am. It may seem as if I'm not getting much sleep but with my bloodline and the orange furball I'll be fine.

The training with Guy-Sensei might make me strong but it was so difficult that he had to drop me off at home since I couldn't walk. Still I was really happy since I finally have a taijutsu style. Guy-Sensei thought me the Strong Fist style. It can be used to effectively adjust my attack patterns and battle tactics to best handle the situation with various unorthodox yet effective strikes. Ultimately, this fighting skill is so effective that I almost never have to rely on any weapons.

Even though this is a strong style I won't be relying solely on it. I will learn more styles after I have mastered this one. I'll also have to choose a weapon to use. It will be easier to kill someone by cutting off their head than punching them. And a kunai doesn't have enough reach.

"Good work Naruto! You have shown immense YOUTH in these 3 months! I'm so proud of you!"

He started crying up.

"Ugh Guy-Sensei, why are you crying? You're embarrassing me. If someone heard that my sensei is a crybaby I will become a laughingstock." I said jokingly.

"What, don't say that Naruto. Fine since I'm such a good sensei I will do my best not to embarrass you." He said in a resolute voice.

"Tomorrow I won't be able to come since I have a mission. But I'm sure you will be fine on your own. After I come back I will double no triple your training to make up for the lost time."

I looked at him horrified.

'Is he trying to kill me?'

"Well go home and rest its already late. If everything goes as planned I'll be back in two weeks."

"Yes Guy-Sensei. See you later"

Arriving home I took a shower and ate dinner.

Looking at my physical stats I had a smile on my face. I found out that I can pull up a specific category instead of having to look through all the information.


Strength: low-level Chunin

Dexterity: low-level Chunin

Intelligence: Special Jonin

Chakra: Elite Jonin

Chakra control: 72%


I have only trained for three months yet my physical stats have already reached Chunin level. Having Guy-Sensei train me was the best idea I have ever had. However, he hasn't taught me the Eight Gates Technique. It is understandable since I've only been training under him for 3 months. Still, it would be so cool to have it.

Pushing my sorrow to the back of my head I started to look over the other attributes. My intelligence stayed the same since I didn't visit Shikaku for lessons. I was simply too busy. But I still play against Shikamaru in school. I can definitely see that he has become much better. If I had to guess his intelligence I would say that it is low-level Chunin. Even if he has an IQ of over 200 he doesn't have a lot of general knowledge and likes to focus on strategies more. But I'm sure that when he grows up he'll easily reach Kage-level intelligence.

My chakra is still the same and my chakra control increased a little bit. But I'm not focusing on those two so its understandable.

My affinity still has a question mark. I guess I'll have to buy a chakra paper. I heard that they aren't expensive. And if you want to know how I can just get in a shop and buy stuff, that's because I mastered the transformation technique. Naruto was a master in it after all. Transforming in a random shinobi I can even access the library. I couldn't believe how easy it was. But I could only enter the Genin and Chunin section. Even so, I have been able to learn a lot of jutsus.

Closing my attributes stats I went and sat on my bed crossed-legged. Emptying my mind and focussing on my gut I suddenly stood in a place that looked like a sewer.