Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 72

Volume 1 Chapter 72

[1 month later]

I'm in my office contemplating about life.

"Shukaku, how is the academy doing?"

"The last batch that graduated was at least high genin or chunin. We even had a couple of Jonin level graduates."

"That's good."



"Come in."

Anko walked into my office with her team.

"What level will it be this time?"

"B level, please."

I threw her a scroll with information on a B level mission. I looked at her team.

"You guys know that since you are Chunin, you don't need to be on her team anymore."

They looked down.

"Don't try and split my team apart."

"It looks to me that you are forcing them to go with you."

"No, it's not like that. We love being on Anko sensei's team, it's just" said a girl on Anko's team

"Don't tell me you are still using your old training methods."

Anko looked away.

"Sigh. Just make sure not to go overboard."

"Don't worry sir, I take great care of my students."

"You can go now."

They bowed and left.

"Are you sure that it was a good idea to give her a team?" asked Shikaku

"She can handle it. How are Shikamaru and Temari doing?"

"Sigh. He is like a completely different person when he is around her. You won't see any sign of laziness."

"She trained him well I see, hahahahaha!"

"There is nothing funny about it."

"Don't get your feelings hurt. Just because he doesn't listen to you, does not mean he doesn't care about you."

"You'll understand when you get a kid."

"I guess we'll have to wait and see."

Suddenly an Anbu appeared in front of me.

"What is it?"

"There is a man who wants to meet you. He says that he is your friend, but I could tell that he was lying. I would have told him to go away, but I could feel that he was really strong."

"I see. All of you leave the room and tell him to come in."

"Are you sure, sir?" asked Shikaku

"Don't worry about it. I know what I'm doing."

Everyone went out of my office and a guy wearing a hooded cloak walked in.

"Take a seat."

He sat on the sofa.

"So who are you?"

He took off his hood.

"My name is Jigen."

"What do you want?"

"I want to make a deal. I have a way to make you stronger."

He showed me his hand.

"This is a Kama Seal. It is able to massively boost your power."

"So this is the seal you used to take over this guy's body."


We both vanished from my office and the planet. We appeared on a barren planet with nothing on it.

A huge barrier appeared around us.

"Know you won't be able to use any space-related jutsus."

"Who are you!?"

"I'm someone you should fear, Isshiki tsutsuki."

"How do you know my name!?"

"You are asking too many questions."

3 people appeared beside me.

"Hey Momo, this is the guy who wants to destroy your clan and our planet."

"I see."

"Momo, Itachi, and Kisame, I leave this up to you guys."

"Yes sir." x3

After I captured Kisame I did the same thing to him as I did to Momo, but he has more of his old memories. I couldn't let someone as strong as him rot away in a cell so I trained him and had him join the Anbu.

I jumped out of the barrier and took out a chair and popcorn. Isshiki tsutsuki was giving me a nasty glare.

Isshiki is really strong, but he doesn't have access to all of his powers. He used the Kama seal to take over Jigen's body who is a monk from some temple. In the Boruto series, his body got enhanced by technology so he could use more power. He was even able to beat Naruto and Sasuke.

He must have thought that I was some naive brat who would do anything for power and wanted to take over my body with that seal. I bet he didn't expect me to teleport him to this planet. Those 3 should be able to handle him.

(AN: I'm sorry for the people who haven't read the boruto manga. I didn't either, but this is the main villain and after he is gone I will start using my brain again to think of new people to beat or be beaten by. This will probably be the last villain the mc would fight from the Boruto series."

[Itachi P.O.V.]

Naruto has told us about his abilities so I thought that this would be a really tough fight, but with him not being able to use any space-related jutsus, this will become way easier.

I activated my Rinnegan and pulled him towards us.


Kisame struck him with his sword, sending him flying.

Momoshiki used Inukaitakerunomikoto, creating creatures from the ground that relentlessly attacked Isshiki.


They got taken down by an explosion.

'He has really dense Chakra.'

He stood up unscathed.

'This will be more difficult than I thought.'

I looked at Naruto and he was eating popcorn like he was looking at a performance.

'If he is so relaxed he must think that we can take care of him.'

I activated my Eternal Mangeky Sharingan.

I got surrounded by a red armored skeleton.

I threw them at Isshiki and they exploded on impact.

(An: They look like the things around Naruto's neck when he is using Six Paths Sage Mode. Like those Yin Yang symbols.)

The dust cleared and he was still standing, but he was a little bit injured. Suddenly the ground under him turned completely black. Momoshiki used the Shadow Imitation Jutsu.

Then Kisame appeared above him and hit him with his sword making him fall down face first. He stood on his back and started absorbing his chakra while Momoshiki was keeping him detained.


He created another explosion making Kisame fly back and Momoshiki's Jutsu got undone.

Momoshiki put his hands together and a Tailed Beast Ball appeared in front of him and he shot it at Isshiki. But instead of it exploding he started absorbing it.

A black flame appeared on his right leg. Because he was busy with absorbing the Tailed Beast Ball he couldn't absorb my Amaterasu.

After he finished absorbing the Tailed Beast Ball he absorbed my Amaterasu, but his right leg was already gone. He looked tired.

"Finish this and let's go home." said Naruto

"Yes sir!" x3

He stopped moving for a second. Kisame appeared beside him and managed to slice him in half horizontally. Momoshiki then appeared in front of him and grabbed his mouth.


A black rod went trough Isshiki's mouth killing him.

[Naruto P.O.V.]

I appeared beside Isshiki and touched his head.

He is officially dead now. I sealed his body in a scroll.

"Good work you guys, but if he was at full power you would have been destroyed."

"That guy? Sure he had a strong body, but are you sure that he could actually do something like that?" asked Kisame

"He wasn't using his own power. That was only the power of his vessel. If he was at full power he could destroy the world. Good thing that we took care of him when he was so weak."

I deactivated the barrier.

"Let's go back home."

They grabbed my shoulders.