Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 73

Volume 1 Chapter 73

[1 week later]

I'm in my secret training place. I walked up to the wall and punched a big hole in it.

The hole disappeared and it looked like it was the same as before I punched a hole in it. I manage to get this ability from Urashiki. I can now reverse time up to 10 seconds. But I can't reverse the same moment twice. If I used it and then waited for 10 seconds and use it again it won't work.

If used correctly, this will become my ace. I wonder if one day I could completely control time. I would be able to just touch someone and make them age thousands of years. Or I could reverse time till they don't exist anymore. So many possibilities that are out of my reach.

I appeared in front of a remote hot spring. I found this a while ago and I come here sometimes to relax. I looked around and found no one.

'Why can't there be some big b.r.e.a.s.ted Onii chan in this hot spring, like in all the anime. Do I not have the almighty power of plot armor? But I have Hinata so I will just bring her here sometime.'

I took my clothes off and went into the hot spring.


'This is always an amazing experience.'


I heard something rustling in the bushes. An injured cat started running towards me. I could feel that something big was chasing him. The cat tried to hide behind me when a big buffalo came out of the bushes.

He has a claw mark on his cheek. It seems like the cat pissed him off. The buffalo was about to run towards me when I released a little bit of my killing intent. He stopped and started running the other way.

I looked at the cat and grabbed it.

"You little bastard. You led that guy here so that he would focus on me and you could escape."

She tried to get away from my grasp but I didn't let her go.

'She isn't a big b.r.e.a.s.ted Onii chan, but this is better than nothing.'

"I've decided. I will take you back home with me. I will call you Haru."

Haru is completely black and has bright blue eyes. She reminds me of my elf. I'm completely black on the inside, but on the outside, I have a pair of shining blue eyes that make me seem like a good person.

I healed the cat's injuries and it started licking my face.

"I'm sure that Hinata will love you."

I put her on my head and stayed in the hot spring for an hour before I went home.

"I'm home."

"Welcome back, honey."

I walked inside and found her in the kitchen.

"Huh, what is that on your head?"

I picked Haru from my head and showed her to Hinata.

"She is a new part of our family. Her name is Haru."

"Wow, she looks so beautiful!"

Hinata picked her up and started petting her.

"Where did you get her from?"

"She is a stray that was injured."

"Good thing that you took her with you, but now I need to buy her food and things like that."

"Just give her some fish today. You can go and get her stuff tomorrow."


She placed her down on the ground.

"This is your new home now. Feel free to explore it." said Hinata

Haru started exploring the house.

"Did you get a cat because you thought I would be mad for not getting a baby right now?"

"Huh? I didn't even think about that. I just took her back because she reminded me of myself."

"What did she remind you of?"

"The blue eyes."

"Only that?"

"It's the meaning behind those shining eyes. Doing anything to survive is what they mean."

"I see. Come and help me make dinner. I will make something for Haru."


[Next day]

I woke up with Hinata hugging me and Haru sleeping on my chest.

'It just became ten times more difficult to sneak out of bed.'

I summoned a clone to prepare breakfast.

I started carefully petting Haru and cuddling with Hinata without waking them up. Or rather they are acting like they are sleeping on purpose.

"Alright you two, stop pretending, and let's eat some breakfast."

Haru stood up and started licking my cheek and Hinata kissed the other one.

'I'm a lucky man.'

I picked Haru up and placed him on the ground.

"Wait downstairs while we get ready."

She went downstairs and a little bit later we were all eating breakfast.

"What are you going to do today, Honey?"

"I'll take Haru for a stroll around the village."

"And you let me do the boring stuff like buying food."

"You can go with her tomorrow and show her to your friends."


After breakfast, I left the house with Haru on my head. We started touring the village when we met Konohamaru.

"Big brother Naruto, what is that on your head?"

"This is Haru."

"Wow, she looks so cool. Can I hold her?"

Haru started hissing.

"It looks like you are too weak to hold her."


He started drawing circles in a corner while being depressed.

"Even a cat thinks that I'm weak."

"Goodbye Konohamaru, I'll see you another time."

I kept walking until I met Itachi and Sasuke. Itachi's eyes started shining when he saw Haru. He was about to grab her when she lashed out at him and scratched his hand.

"Argh, what did I do!?"

"You'll scare anyone with those eyes. I know that you love cats but take it easy. Sasuke do you want to hold Haru?"

He nodded. Haru jumped in his arms and Sasuke started petting her while Itachi looked at them jealously.

"Itachi, why don't you get a cat if you like them that much?"

He looked sad.

"Now that Sasuke has become a Jonin there will be no one to take care of a cat."

"Why don't you let Sasuke's girlfriend take care of it?

His eyes started shining again.

"Why didn't I think about that! Sasuke, let's go get a cat!"

Haru jumped back to me and Itachi grabbed Sasuke's arm and they both disappeared.

'I feel kinda sorry for Sasuke's girlfriend. Knowing Itachi's love for cats, he will buy every last one in Konoha.'

After a couple of hours, we were finally done touring the village and I went to Ichiraku.

"Where did you get that cute cat from, Naruto!?" asked Ayame

"She was a stray."

"Let, me get her something to eat. It's on the house."

"And for me?"

"Are you joking? If you don't empty your pockets I won't let you leave here today."

"Threatening me are you?"

"What, me? No, never. It's on the house for you to sir."

"That is more like it, Ayame. Where is the old man?"

"He is on vacation to the Land of Water."

"Good for him. He deserves some rest."

After I finished eating my ramen and Haru finished her fish we went home.

I picked her up from my head.

"Welcome to the family little girl."

She started rubbing her head against my cheeks.

'It seems like pets give you a different kind of love. I don't feel the same love for Haru as I do for Hinata. Maybe this is what it's like to have a kid.'