Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 75

Volume 1 Chapter 75

[Itachi P.O.V.]

I'm at home petting my new cats. They are all so cute.

"You are too much, brother. Why did you buy 20 cats? Yura will get angry at me."

"But aren't they so cute!?"

"One is cute enough."

"You won't understand it."

"You can be so weird sometimes."

"What!? I'm not weird!"

"Sasuke, don't call your brother weird. I'm happy that he got so many cats." said Yura

"Fine do whatever you want, but don't come to me asking for help."

He was about to walk away when Yura grabbed him by his ear.

"What are you doing!"

"You will be helping me of course."

"But I will need to go on missions."

"But you don't have any missions right now, right? So come with me to the pet shop and let's buy them food and toys."

She dragged Sasuke out of the room.

'They are so happy together. Would we have been as happy as them, Izumi?'

[Shikamaru P.O.V.]

I'm watching the clouds on top of the Hokage Mountain with Choji.

"Wow, look there is a cloud that looks like a big piece of juicy meat." said Choji

"That is a lion. I didn't know you liked eating lions. But I guess you'll eat anything that is served to you on a plate."

"I need to eat a lot to use our clan's techniques, but I don't eat lions."

"Look, that one looks like an eagle."

"What are you talking about? That is definitely a chicken." said Choji

"Are you hungry or something? That is definitely an eagle."

"That one is a cow."

'Your mother is a cow! How can someone think about food so much.'

"That is a bear."

"Are you using some jutsu to change the clouds or something?"

"I don't think even Naruto could do that."

"What happened to him? I haven't seen him in a while."

"He told me that he is traveling through the universe."

"What is he doing there? There is nothing there right?"

"He told me that he found a lot of planets with life on them."

"Wow, that is so awesome. But why does he get to have all the fun?"

"Because he has earned everything by himself. He became the strongest in the History of Shinobi and he brought peace to this world. But enough about the idiot, let's go eat something."


"Do you really not think about anything else?"


"How troublesome."

[Sakura P.O.V.]

I was crying.

'How could you do this to me, Sasuke. Why did you choose that bitch over me!'

I started crying harder.

'Even after going after him for so long he never looked at me. But suddenly he gets a girlfriend. What should I do know? The only reason I wanted to become a Shinobi was because of Sasuke. But now that I have no chance I should just quit. Being a Shinobi is nothing for me.'

"Sakura, dinner is ready."

I quickly whipped my tears away.

"I'm coming, mom."

I went downstairs and sat at the dinner table with my parents.

"Are you okay Sakura?" asked my mom

"Yes, why?"

"I can see that you have been crying."

"What, no I just washed my face!?"

I started whipping my face.

"Don't try to fool me. Come on, tell us why you have been crying."

I looked down.

"It's nothing, mom."

"We won't eat before you tell us what is wrong."

"Listen to your mom and tell us so we can help you."

'Should I tell them? Well, I guess they will find out anyway.'

"I'm thinking about stopping being a shinobi."

They both looked at me for a while.

"How wonderful, this needs a celebration." said my dad

"Yes, we can finally stop worrying about you." said my mom

"What are you guys doing!? You are supposed to talk me out of it."

"No parent wants their child to go and fight people to the death." said my mom

"How about this, tell me what you love doing the most and I'll ask my friend if he can find you a job that is related to that." said my dad

I picked up my spoon and started eating.

'I guess I'll take my dad up on that offer.

[Shino P.O.V.]

I'm at the Yamanaka flower shop with Ino.

"Babe, can you water those plants there?" asked Ino

"I got it."

"Thank you."

I have been helping Ino in the flower shop. She first only wanted me to keep the bugs from eating the plants, but now I'm helping with everything. Not like I mind. I love being around Ino and her parents are also really nice.

I heard a bell. That means that someone entered the shop. I went to greet them.

"Welcome to Yamanaka Flowers, what can I help you with? Huh, Naruto?"

"What, are you not happy to see me?"

"No that is not it, I just didn't expect you to come here."

"He comes here every day to get flowers for Hinata. Here I already prepared it for you."

"Thank you Ino."

She gave him a bouquet of flowers and he gave her money.

"Thanks, I'll see you two tomorrow. I need to go home quickly, bye."

"Bye." x2

He left the store.

"Why can't you be as romantic as him?"

"I always help you out in the shop and cook for you. I also buy you a present from time to time. I'm just not as rich as that guy."

"I was just kidding babe. I'm really happy that you are my boyfriend."

She hugged me and I hugged her back.

"How about we go on a date today?"

"What, you should have told me sooner. Now I don't have enough time to prepare myself."

"What do you need to prepare? You are already beautiful so I don't understand what you need to prepare."

She had a big smile.

"But I need to look my best when I'm out with you."

"Fine go and do what you want. I'll take care of the shop."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, just go."

She kissed me on my lips.

"Thank you, babe!"

She went upstairs to her room.

'Naruto's girlfriend 101 lessons are beginning to be useful.'

I continued maintaining the shop and helping customers till Ino was done and we went on a date after closing the shop.

[Naruto P.O.V.]

"I'm home."

"Welcome home, honey."

"I got you some white roses."

"They are so beautiful! But you need to stop buying so many flowers. The garden is starting to fill up."

"What you don't like my flowers?"

"No that is not what I meant."

"I'm just playing. I'll just get you a bigger garden when this one fills up."

"You might as well buy an entire country if you are going to buy flowers every day."

"Which country do you want?"

"You are being serious aren't you?"


"Sigh, you are too much."

I pat her head.

"Isn't that what you like about me?"

She pouted.

"So cute!"

"Go and sit, dinner is almost done."

"Well hurry it up, wifey. I'm hungry."

"Hi hungry, I'm Wifey."


She went to the kitchen.