Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1 Chapter 8

Looking around I spotted a cage. Walking up to it I suddenly spotted two big red eyes. Walking even closer I felt a crushing killing intent coming over me. But I didn't back down.

When I was 5 meters from the cages I quickly jumped to the left barely dodging his nail.

"Ey, it isn't nice to suddenly attack someone like that."

"Why don't you come closer and I'll show you how nice I am."

"Don't think I'm stupid. I rather not get eaten by a big orange furball."

"How dare you! Do you even know who I am? I'm the great Kybi no Yko! I'm not someone a brat like you can disrespect."

"Even if I said that I can get your second half back."

"What!? How do you know about that?"

"Haven't you been watching me?"

"Who would watch your boring life. I'd much rather sleep."

"Oh, so you're a lazy fox. You must have been sleeping every time you got captured."

"You brat I swear I will kill you. Come inside here if you dare."

"Nah I'm fine standing here. But about what I said earlier, do you want to make a deal."

"How will you do that. My other half got taken by a shinigami."

"It's easy actually. The Uzumaki Clan's Mask Storage Temple holds masks that are able to release a soul from the Shinigami. If I release Minato Namikaze from the Shinigami I can get your other half back."

"If you want to make it work you need to be able to extract and seal my other half yourself since no one will help you do it. They will probably think that I took over your body and lock you up or even kill you."

"Don't worry I have an idea to do it myself. After I'm done learning sealing I'll be able to easily do it. It will only take a couple of months before I'm ready."

"So what do you want. But don't even think about trying to deceive me. Even if I'm sealed I'll make your life hell!"

"Haha, calm down. I'm not that type of guy. The thing I want is simple. Your full cooperation. Which means I'll have access to all your power. I'll also release you from this cage and change this place to look nicer."

"What will you do if I'll take over your body once you unseal me?"

"Well I know for a fact that you aren't someone who goes back on his words. But if you want to try and take over my body go ahead. You can think it over and answer me once I'm done making preparations. Bye."

And I left my mindscape without letting him say anything. I'm sure that once he thinks it over he'll accept. After all, he gets more freedom and his other half back and the only thing he needs to do is lend me some of his powers when I need it. Foxes are known to keep their promises, but I won't bet my body on that.

I am currently working on a seal that will be able to protect my mind from anything foreign. That also includes Genjutsu and the Yamanaka's techniques. But I won't be able to complete it till I become a master in Finjutsu. With that seal, the Kjubi will never be able to take over my body.

I quickly went to bed so I can have enough rest to not fall asleep when I train.

Waking up I did the training Sensei told me to and went to school. Arriving at school I sat next to Shikamaru. When Hinata arrived she came to sit next to me. In the time I have spent with her I found out that she is a really nice person to be around. I start to enjoy hanging out with her more every day. She and Shikamaru have become two people who I can really call friends.

I only hang out with Sasuke because he has something I want. If you want to ask about Shino, I found out that I don't need him so I started to slowly distance my self from him. It may seem harsh to abandon someone like that but I simply don't care about his feelings.

I got taken out of my thoughts by Iruka that started to talk.

"Today we will have a taijutsu spar to see how you guys are progressing. Follow me to the field."

Following Iruka, we arrived at an open field at the back of the academy. There was a circle drawn on the ground.

"Alright when I call out your name come and stand inside the circle. Hinata Hyga vs Chji Akimichi. Show the Seal of Confrontation."

After they showed the Seal of Confrontation Iruka started the match. It was pretty one-sided. After I pulled Hinata out of her shell and had her accept that she won't make it as a kunoichi if she doesn't hurt people. She was already good at taijutsu but she became even better after accepting reality.

She finished the match with a palm to his chin. The rest were all boring to look at. I almost fell asleep.

"Naruto Uzumaki vs Sasuke Uchiha."

Finally, it's my turn. After showing the Seal of Confrontation we started to fight. Since I had a status to uphold as the number one of the class I finished it quickly. I used a feint to make him put his guard up at his left side and then I gave him a nice blow at his right rib making him fall down. I of course held back but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt.

Seeing their Sasuke-Kun hurt they started screaming at me, especially Ino and Sakura. I'm so glad that I don't have any fangirls.

Finishing school I started walking to the Hokage office again. It's funny how the only times I visit him is when I need him. But it doesn't matter. Taking the same route as last time he again opened the window for me.

"Hello Naruto, what have you come for this time."

"You act like I only visit you if I need something. But you are right I do need something. It has to do with the clone technique. Since I have so much chakra It is really hard to use it because the amount of chakra it needs is really small. Do you have a clone Jutsu that I can use which needs a lot of chakra."

It was a lie with my control I can easily make normal clones but he doesn't know that.

'He does have a point. With his chakra reserve he wouldn't be able to use it without good chakra control. But which clone should I give him? An elemental one? No there is one that is more suited for him. He is smart enough to use it responsibly if anything Shikaku and Guy said is to go off.'

"I have just the one you need. But you need to promise me to be careful since this technique has killed some of its users before. You'll find everything you need to know about these two jutsus in this scroll. This scroll holds the Shadow Clone Jutsu and the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu. This will definitely make you stronger as long as you use it carefully."

"Thank you Jiji you're the best. I will go and quickly learn it, bye."

"Have a nice day Naruto.

After leaving the Hokage I immediately went to the training ground. Arriving in the training ground I opened the scroll and started learning both of them. They were pretty easy. Putting my fingers in a cross I said.