Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 9

Volume 1 Chapter 9


With a puff of smoke 4 clones appeared behind me.

'This is awesome.'

I sent my four clones in different directions and dispelled them. I got back memories from 4 different perspectives.

'Good, it works. Let's get started for real now.'

I summoned 101 clones. I shouldn't use too many since I haven't got used to getting memories back yet. I told one of them to buy me a chakra paper so I can start training my chakra affinity.

I divided them into groups of 4, 25 clones each. The first group trained in chakra control. The second trained in hand seals. I want to be able to use one hand seal in the end, but if I cant I want to at least be able to do it really fast. The third group worked on chakra sensing. I had them split into the village with a transformation Jutsu and try to sense the people around them. The fourth group stood on standby till my clone came back with a chakra paper.

After my clone handed me the paper I stared at it with anticipation. After using some chakra it cut in half and then one side wrinkled and the other side became wet.

'So I have 3 affinities. Wind, lighting, and water.'

Wind is good for cutting, lightning is good for piercing, and water is good for healing. Of course these are just some basic examples. Like I could use lightning to increase my speed and defense like how the Raikage's do.

Since I only know how to train wind chakra ill have to do some research later for the others.

I told the last group to try and cut a leave with wind chakra.

[6 months later]

I am standing in front of the Uzumaki Mask Storage Temple together with another person. Since I need a sacrifice to be able to get the soul back from the Shinigami, I threatened some chunin shinobi to help me out. I told him that I would kill his family if he didn't comply. I also used seals on him so that even if he tried something he would die.

Walking into the temple I used my chakra sense to find the right mask with Minato's chakra. I used the chakra he left in the seal as a reference to find the right mask. Grabbing the mask I told the Shinobi that was with me to put it on. Even if he was reluctant there was nothing he could do. After he put the mask on the Shinigami appeared and he cut his stomach open letting a soul out and toke the shinobis soul in exchange.

After the shinigami disappeared I pulled out a stasis scroll. It's a scroll that can store unconscious people for a certain amount of time. After using the scroll an unconscious genin fell out. I pulled out another scroll containing Minato's arm. When I tried to find Minato's DNA I was surprised to find out that his body was still buried in the Konoha Cemetry. I guess Orochimaru hasn't made his move yet. I'm using only an arm since that is enough. There is no need to waste his whole body.

Putting my hands on the floor I said:

Seals started appearing on the floor and his soul and arm started combining into the genins body. His body became covered in what looks like paper. After the paper disappeared, the fourth Hokage Minato namikaze stood in front of me. I have already completely mastered the Jutsu making the summoned completely loyal to me. That is something no one was ever able to do, but an Uzumaki genius like me is just in a different league.

You must be wondering how I got my hands on this jutsu. Well it's quite simple. I copied the Scroll of Seals using my photographic memory. I have mastered the stealth skill making me almost undetectable. But if there is a chakra sensor or a chakra sensing seal I can get caught. But that was easily fixed with a chakra hiding seal that I made myself. I used a clone with a transformation Jutsu to sneak into the Hokage's Residents. With my sneaking skills and knowledge of Finjutsu, I was easily able to surpass the alarms made with seals and shinobi guards.

After Checking the scroll for any seals that were on it, I started to read it. After I memorized everything the clone dispelled. I have trained the Shadow Clone Jutsu to not make a sound or project smoke when they get summoned or dispelled. Making it one of the best jutsu for infiltration.

Now, getting back at the situation at hand. I couldn't help but smile. This is so overpowered. All I need is a sacrifice and some DNA and I can make my own immortal army.

Going in my mindscape I looked at the fox and said:

"Are you ready furball. I will first unlock the seal to make it easier for your other half to enter the seal."

He just looked at me saying nothing. I levitated up to the seal and removed the paper. Since I have already mastered the eight trigram seal from the Scroll of Seals I was able to keep Minato and Kushina from bothering me. I was also able to figure out how to unlock it without the key.

Pulling up my shirt I used the other hand to unlock the seal. After the seal was unlocked I felt completely filled with chakra. Luckily I put a barrier around the temple or else the village would have gone in a panic from feeling this chakra.

The Nine Tails didn't move from his place and just kept eying me.

Leaving my mindscape I looked at Minato.

"Transfer the other half of the Nine-Tails to me."

The clone looked at me and nodded. Me and Minato lied next to each other with my clone standing in the center. He put one hand on each of our seals and said:

I could see orange chakra leaving his stomach and entering into mine. I felt a huge leap in chakra making me have a big smile on my face. I got up and summoned a coffin putting Minato away and storing him for future use. I went back to talk with the fox.

"You are really cruel using those two innocent shinobis like that. And do you even know who Minato is?"

"Are you talking about him being the Fourth Hokage or him being my father?"

"You know who he is and you still made him your pawn."

"Why do you care. Don't tell me your yin half became friends with him."

He glared at me. Clearly pissed of.